Harry Potter Prequel Series Coming to Television

Here’s what we know: Warner Brothers is in the very early stages of developing a Harry Potter prequel television series, which will be available on their upcoming streaming service. The series will occur mostly at Hogwarts and in parts of Europe. It’s supposed to feature a whole new cast of characters.

This isn’t much to go on. While the Harry Potter film franchise already has SO MUCH out there, I can’t help but be excited about a TV series. I tend to like TV adaptations and spinoffs better than movies, and there’s so much history to enjoy in the HP universe. But I do have a demand. Make this diverse. I want to see disabled characters, and they’d better not magic away their disability. I want to see women of color kicking some magic booty. I want to see diverse characters as main characters.

Assuming I get my diverse dream cast, here are some ideas my fellow Rioters and I have brainstormed for the show:

  • Minerva McGonagall before she became a professor
  • The Marauders decidedly up to no good
  • Behind the scenes at Hogwarts Library — these magic books can be tricky to find, and even trickier to take care of
  • The life story of Rowena Ravenclaw
  • An anthology series following the people in our favorite portraits at the school
  • The ghosts of Hogwarts
  • The founding of Hogwarts
  • I know this announcement says it’s at Hogwarts, but how about we ignore that part and set the series in a school that’s not in one of the whitest parts of Europe?

That’s all our ideas for now.

The official release of the WarnerMedia streaming service will be in 2020, but a beta is expected to launch later in 2019. The streaming service is owned by AT&T. While I personally hesitate to sign up for another streaming service, Harry Potter is one of the few series that might convince me to give it a go.

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