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It’s Time: Where To Make Your Personal Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Perhaps your child/nibling/friend is turning 11 and you wish to make their birthday magical. Perhaps your 11th birthday is long past and you are still sad you never got your Hogwarts acceptance letter.

No matter who you’re shopping for, there are dozens of options for a beautiful Hogwarts acceptance letter. I’ve sifted through them and found the listings for the very nicest customizable Hogwarts acceptance letters for all your Hogwarts acceptance letter needs.


Custom Hogwarts acceptance letters

This classic set from CrateAndQuill comes with a letter for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, or your custom name. $40

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This set from BalistiCreations is personalized and written by hand with a dipped quill. The same shop also has fully customized lettersChristmas letters with Hogsmeade permission slips, and this delightful late acceptance letter for an older recipient! $15.89

This personalized letter from RainbowFancies7 comes with your choice of Wizard’s Wand! (Note that this one ships from the UK.) They also offer a charming Lost in Post version for a late letter. $26.26

This personalized wizard’s letter from NikiNut comes with a supply list. $13

This set from SirLushALot includes your Hogwarts acceptance letter, O.W.L. results, and diploma. $15

This handwritten acceptance letter from ManuScribe comes in your choice of ink and is customizable. $28

Prefer to attend Beauxbatons? This acceptance letter from ShivenshaftQuills is perfect for you. $40

Prefer an instant PDF download? This one is customized with your name from LeRoseFamilyJewels. $3


Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Gift Ideas

This print from PorsheyCraft is perfect for a Hogwarts letter anticipator. (Ships from UK.) $13.14

All of your letters can be owl post with this stamp from BiterswitDarkSide. (Ships from Spain.) $11.76

Use this acceptance letter charm from OpalElephantCharms as a zipper pull or a marker for your knitting. $2.10

Wear your Hogwarts letter on your lapel with this Hogwarts letter brooch from LuckyBuckeye. $25

I love this delicate school letter necklace from chasingatstarlight. $9.99

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