Must-Have Items for Your Harry Potter Nursery

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy soon? Would you like to indoctrinate, brainwashinstill share your Harry Potter fandom with baby? Then you have come to the right place! Today we are sharing all the magic needed to create the most wizard-worthy Harry Potter nursery for your Chosen One.

Start with changing the light switch and outlet covers:

How about this “Deathly Hallows” light switch plate?

… or this set of light switch AND outlet covers representing the Hogwarts Houses?!

Say goodbye to plain walls and hello to these potent quotables:

What’s better than shining Dumbledore’s wise words over your sleeping child? The answer is nothing. Unless you add these words of wisdom from Sirius Black and The Boy Who Lived.

Now add some Harry Potter Nursery art!

Encourage bravery, adventure, and resilience with a decal of Harry Potter in arm’s reach of the Golden Snitch.

Have art that is fun both day and night with pictures that glow in the dark!

For the folks who enjoy a good DIY project, order this set of adorable Hogwarts House downloadable prints, immediately.

…And a little  personalization:

The easiest way to bring Harry Potter to the nursery is with a decal of baby’s name.

…or bling it up with glitterific 3D printed letters!

Channel the Sorting Hat, and declare baby’s future Hogwarts House.

You have to get these baby blocks that double as room decor!

Baby needs a favorite snuggle buddy:

Dobby can’t wait to be the best of friends with your little one!

Hedwig makes the perfect protector and bedtime companion.

Sprinkle more Harry Potter around the room:

Snape’s patronus makes a great bedtime night light.

Keep track of time with baby using this stylish golden snitch clock.

Besides books, the Mirror of Erised is the best way to bond with baby!

Won’t this “Hedwig” lamp look so good in that one corner of your Harry Potter nursery?!

Include all the story time books into the room decor with these HP bookends.

Last, but certainly not least, pimp that crib!

With a blanket featuring all the people, places, and things from the Harry Potter series.

And a mobile with the leaders of Dumbledore’s Army!

Don’t forget the crib sheets!


Follow our Harry Pottery nursery style guide, and you will create the most Instagrammable Harry Potter inspired nursery! If you want other bookish inspiration for baby’s room, take a look at how to create a Calvin and Hobbes nursery or how to create an oasis dedicated to children’s literature great Roald Dahl.

Katisha Smith: Katisha is a former military brat who studied engineering because she couldn’t hack it as a writer. You can find her online ranting about the many books she loves and the few books she likes that are often ruined by Hollywood’s cinematic interpretations. Feel free to join the rant sessions at and follow her on Twitter: . @ReelLiterature