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Cute Pets on Bookstagram

Look, the world is garbage, and sometimes we just need to scroll through images of cute animals reading books. So here they are. A whole bunch of cute pets on bookstagram (that’s bookish Instagram, y’all). Enjoy.

Cat book club, because cats:


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Pet Book Club, for fuzzy members of Book of the Month:

Dog Book Club, which sadly hasn’t been updated for a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just scroll through the feed:


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Rioter Sharifah’s kitty, Tabitha:

This helper:

This lil chinchilla, recommending books:

This book warmer:

This chicken reading about chickens:

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Rioter Karina’s bunny and kitty:

This pup just doing some book shopping:

Casually salivating over this month's Indie Next List.

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These bookish birds:

Rioter Jesse’s bookish diva, Bernadette:

The Overseer

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Matilda the rat:

This tail with a tale:

Good morning, y'all ☀️☀️☀️ The sunshine emojis are there to make me feel better because it's actually 4:30am here and the world must be ending because I'm not asleep? Actually, my boyfriend and I share a car and he has to be at work at 5. So we woke up at 3:30? • While I'm suffering through this terrible torture, LOOK HOW CUTE THIS BOOK IS. This book came in the last Book Boyfriend Box and it looks so cute. It's about a girl using things she's learned from k-dramas to help her snag a boyfriend in real life. I'm excited to read it, but not yet because I'm just not in a contemporary mood. My ginger kitty is excited too. He "helps" me take all my book pictures? • What are you guys excited about reading soon? • • • #read #bibliophile #booklover #yabooks #contemporarybooks #cozyreading #catsofbookstagram #bookish #bookcat #bookcover #bookblog #bookgram #bookgeek #bookstagram #bookstagramfeatures #bookblog #bookphotography #booknookstagram #book_cave #bookalicious #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookandcat #summerreading #literature #love #cat #catsofinstagram

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These lil guinea pigs:

This lil pup with a lil blep and some Penguin classics:

Rioter Liberty’s handsome beast, Steinbeck:

Ernest Hedgingway:

Zombie the kitty:

Rioter Kelly’s needy bun:

bun demands attention #bunny #bunnies #bookstagram #currentlyreading

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This excellent reading partner:

I started the day reading in bed (who am I kidding, I'm STILL in bed) with the ? — my ideal Saturday morning. If I can pull myself out from these covers, I think I'll go grab some coffee and head to the farmers market. There's nothing planned this weekend + I love it. (We leave for vacation in a few days and I feel like there are 16436845052 to do before we leave. Don't you wish you could just beam yourself places sometimes?) Tell me what you're up to today! • @fsgoriginals sent these two books last week and I'm SO excited. I've heard great things about both, and as a fan of scary, creepy stories I have a feeling ill gobble them up. I devoured all R.L. stone books when I was younger (Fear Street, anyone?), as well as the Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark books. Bring on the scary! ? • #miniatureschnauzer #gusandus #badassbookbabes #pupstagram #schnauzer #dogsofinsta

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These kittens that I need in my lap right now:

Mother, go away, we're reading.

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Rioter Rachel’s pup at the library:

Batman ❤️‘s books

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Pumpkin the Raccoon:

Dewey the ginger kitty:

Penny the Fox:

Winter fluff in full effect.

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Rioter Derek’s cat:

Beatrix grew up to be a hero and a scholar. #catsofinstagram

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Ouija the doodle:

And here’s my handsome little devil, as photographed by my roommate:

@bookriot 's #riotgrams day 4: How I read

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Please share your cute bookish pets in the comments.

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