10 Things You’ll Understand if You’re a Book Lover and a Student

This fall, I started my first year of an MFA program after two years in “the real world.” By now, the back to school shine has started to wear off and we’re all knees deep in the student life.

For me, being back in the realm of assigned reading, writing, and homework has led me to reminiscence about my days as an undergraduate. While being a student is a ton of work for everyone, being a bookish student seems to come with its own unique set of experiences. Here’s a list to celebrate those bookish student problems.

1. Even when your eyes hurt from reading assigned books for so long, you’ve got to get in at least one chapter of your fun reading before bed.

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2. You actually get really excited when your textbooks show up in the mail.

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3. The thought of renting your books and not getting to keep them makes you cringe, even though you know you’d save money that way.

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4. You fundamentally don’t understand it when people never do the reading for class. (Especially if you’re an English major!)

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5. You devotedly track your assigned reading in Goodreads (or your favorite book tracking method). Hey, it counts!


6. Audiobooks are your new best friend because they let you get more book time in between all the studying.

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7. You have a strong opinion about how your books should be treated and don’t like it when you see other students not falling in line.

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8. You actually like being in the library to do homework. Who doesn’t love being surrounded by books?

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9. The student budget is in constant conflict with your need to buy books and bookish goodies. Constant.


10. Even though your extreme book love might make some people think you’re weird, you wouldn’t trade it for anything.





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