The Book Riot Podcast #137: Lexical Acrobatics

The Book Riot Podcast, #137: Lexical Acrobatics

In this episode, Jeff and Rebecca follow up on James Patterson’s grants to indie booksellers, the possibilities and pitfalls of subscription services for romance titles, students at a high school deciding they are uncomfortable with Huck Finn, a bookstore that stocks only books recommended by celebrities, and much more.

This episode is sponsored by Mad Men Unzipped and Penguin Random House Audio.

Links Discussed in This Episode:

James Patterson awards holiday bonuses to 87 booksellers

Claire Vaye Watkins & Marlon James discussed responses to her essay, “On Pandering.” 

S & S romance app

Philadelphia school stops teaching Huck Finn after *student* complaint

Bookstore to stock titles recommended by celebrities/creatives

Books a Million returns to being privately held

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