Watch the REBEL IN THE RYE Trailer for the Love of J.D. Salinger and Writing

I never know how to answer the question “Do you like The Catcher in the Rye?” I don’t know! Do parents love their screaming, whiny children? Around eight years after I first read it, I now recognize the jadedness of Salinger’s writing, and I guess I simply don’t see it as a gem anymore. But when you’re 16 and have never read something like that before, the writing jumps out as something unique and makes a certain impact, and Holden Caulfield makes you <heart eyes emoji>.

This trailer similarly gives me feelings, because a) Nicholas Hoult looking like that, b) Kevin Spacey saying things like that, and most importantly, c) so much talk about my teenage bookish love! There is also some excellent, catchy dialogue about writing and art set to a fast-paced score.

Watch it right here!

The movie is set for a mid-September release. I’ll be here, dreaming about Holden Caulfield all over again.

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