What Are Your Favorite Books From Assigned School Reading?

Whether the back-to-school season has you longing for the days of Trapper Keepers and fresh new textbooks or sighing in gratitude for your grown-up-ness, chances are good (at least, I hope they are!) that you had a few memorable reading experiences in school. So in this month’s Riot reader poll, we want to know about your favorite books from assigned school reading.

Enter up to 3 titles in the form below by 11:59pm Eastern, Thursday, September 11. We’ll tally up the favorites and share the results in a few weeks.

A few formatting requests to make processing the responses more efficient:

  • Begin your entry with the book’s title, not the author’s name. Entries like “Austen – Pride and Prejudice” make things a little hairier.
  • Do NOT put quotation marks around book titles.
  • Do not enter additional information into the form. It’s great if you have a fun story about how or why you loved the book, but we can’t include it in the data analysis.


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