What’s On Your Nightstand?: Week of September 3, 2012

Is it just me, or is that the scent of newly sharpened Crayola crayons in the air? As a bookish and dorkish little girl, the beginning of the school year was a huge thrill, especially as it was the one time my impossibly frugal mother loosened the purse strings and bought new items with abandon: notebooks, pencils, erasers, folders, and more. Is it any wonder that kids like me grow up to love office supplies?

These days, I don’t need many office supplies, even if I still crave them. Paper, pens, binder clips, post-its–yeah, there’s an app for that (although the Evernote Moleskine might just make its way into my shopping cart). Sure, I have an office filled with them–cute paper clips, a tub of different kinds of page flags/markers, notebooks of every size, and loads of shipping labels and envelopes. You know why I have so many of them? Because now I do almost everything on my MacBook Air (and yes, let me be the umpteenth millionth person to tell you that it is the best I’ve ever had).

Fortunately, the one office supply that I never ignore and never dither over buying? Books (you thought I was going to say fountain pens?)! This past weekend I had five spanking-new hardcovers delivered to my sickbed and I’ve already finished two. Thus my question to you this week, my pretties, is what books you’re stocking up for during the back-to-school weeks. Textbooks? Classics? Trash for you to read once the final bell has rung and you can relax with a cold beverage and a snack?

I bought Dearie by Bob Spitz, Motherland by Amy Sohn, the new Inspector Gamache mystery by Louise Penny, The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam, and Lional Asbo by Martin Amis.