5 of the Best Dark Thrillers on Kindle Unlimited

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Brooke Bailey Peters

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Brooke Bailey Peters is a library tour guide by day and an indie author by night. She's a sucker for poetry slams, thrillers with unlikable protagonists, and handwritten letters. Her novel The Artist's Retreat is available on Amazon. She'd love to hear from you at

Given the number of books being added to Kindle Unlimited every day, it can be hard to narrow down your options to find the perfect read. I’ve been plowing through the options in my free time and doing some of that work for you. Keep reading for a list of some of the best thrillers on Kindle Unlimited right now.

Stillhouse Lake cover image

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

Even married couples keep secrets from each other. Gina Royale should know. The garage she thought her husband was using for woodworking turned out to be a locked lair for brutally torturing and murdering women.

While the criminal justice system has deemed Gina innocent in Melvin’s crimes, the court of public opinion hasn’t. Gina must fight to protect herself and her children from those that are set on doing them wrong, and it’s a long list. The families of Melvin’s victims are organizing to track her down. Strangers on the dark web issue a constant barrage of graphic threats. Worst of all, Melvin is still scheming behind bars. As she moves her children from town to town under the cover of new identities, it’s nearly impossible for Gina to know who she can trust.

I’ve read a lot of crime fiction in my day, but I’ve never met a protagonist as badass or as compulsively readable as Gina Royale. If you love her as much as I do, you’ll be glad to know that this is the first book in a series about her fight for survival. Even better? All of these thrillers are on Kindle Unlimited.

My only caution with this series is that it isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re comfortable with Karin Slaughter–level darkness, though, you’ll be just fine.

What Lies Between Us cover

What Lies Between Us by John Marrs

If you’ve seen The One on Amazon, you already know how brilliant and twisty John Marrs’s mind is. The show is based on his novel by the same name. If you’re craving more, you’re in luck. Five of his books are currently on Kindle Unlimited. What Lies Between Us is my favorite.

Nina and Maggie have a strange living arrangement. Nina provides Maggie’s meals and tends to her basic needs. She also keeps her captive in the attic, held there by a heavy chain as punishment for a past wrong. But what could Maggie have possibly done to deserve for her home to be turned into a prison? And can Nina’s memories of their shared past be trusted?

The twist in this book caught me totally off guard. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say this: the best thrillers leave me confused about who the actual villain is. This book is no exception.

Maggie and Nina’s relationship will make you look at your annoying roommate with a newfound gratitude. Their inability to take out the trash or clean the dishes suddenly might not seem so bad.


Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

Jennifer Hillier is a thriller queen so skilled at her craft that I’m convinced we simply don’t deserve her. Jar of Hearts is some of her best work.

Georgina Shaw went from being a high school cheerleader to a pharmaceutical company executive full of big ideas for expanding the company’s reach into health and beauty. She has it all: a rich fiancé, a sleek ride, and a gorgeous face.

She also has a dark secret about her involvement in the unsolved disappearance of her best friend Angela Wong. Soon, her world is going to come crashing down. Even worse? The other two most important people from her social circle as a teen are circling. One is her first love, a serial killer known as the Sweetbay Strangler. The other is the boy who spent years trying to win Georgina’s affections. He’s an officer now and he’s ready to take her down.

Every Last Secret cover

Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre

This novel is the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

Neena Ryder is a woman who knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to do the work to get it — even if it means getting her hands dirty. After snagging a job as a life coach for a Silicon Valley company and getting a considerable salary bump, she shifted her attention to her boss. William is everything her husband is not: handsome, richer than sin, and totally unavailable. When Neena discovers that the house next door to William’s is vacant, she sweet talks her husband into buying it. Sure, needs a lot of work and it’s over budget…but it’s the perfect location for weaseling into William’s good graces. Maybe even his bed.

Soon, Neena is lunching with William’s wife Cat, attending their parties, and doing everything she can to infiltrate their lives. While she’s busy cozying up to William, she loses sight of her biggest threat: his wife.

If you liked Amy from Gone Girl, something tells me you’ll get a kick out of Cat.

The Quiet Ones Cover

The Quiet Ones by Brandon Massey

If you’re tired of reading thrillers where it’s too easy to guess the plot twist, The Quiet Ones is the thriller you need.

When their mother was murdered, sisters Mallory and Liz became wards of the state. After being shuffled around to different foster families, they lost touch and drifted in different directions. Twenty-five years later, Mallory is eager to track her sister down and learn about what Liz’s life has been like all these years. Luckily, as an investigative reporter, Mallory has all the sleuthing skills she needs to make it happen.

Mallory’s search takes her to a mansion off the beaten path that houses a cult-like group that all answer to a man they call Father. Mallory has big plans for making up for lost time with Liz, but Father has other ideas.

If you like books like The Girls and The Family Upstairs, add this to your TBR.

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