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5 Inspiring Writers on Writing

No matter what kind of creating you want to do, pick up these books about writing by writers to help inspire you with insights into the writing process. 

How To Turn Your Love for Reading Into Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration flows from the reading you already love. Here are some suggestions for using your favorite books and writers for inspirational fuel.

7 Women Writers Reveal Their Storytelling Passions

This reader turned to quotes about storytelling from a few excellent women writers to answer the eternal question of why we write.

The Writing Life: 36 Magical Annie Dillard Quotes

"Are you a woman, or a mouse?" and thirty-five other enchanting Annie Dillard quotes from her phenomenal THE WRITING LIFE.

YA Authors You Should Be Following for Writing Advice

Writing…is hard. I wanted to say something more profound about the exhausting and turbulent life of a writer and the ...

Learn Writing from Your Favorite Authors

From Roxane Gay to Hanif Abdurraqib, from writing essays to developing writing habits, take one of these online writing courses taught by authors.

What’s the Difference Between an Author and a Wannabe Novelist?

Every reader has a story about meeting the author-celebrity of their dreams; I can still barely think about the time ...

I Am Become Pain, The Destroyer of Words

Physical pain is a surprisingly elusive thing to write. It’s not for lack of experience: we all know what pain ...

Great Books For The Writer In Your Life

Back in September, I went back to university to study creative writing. After decades of reading and a general sense ...

On Going Back to University to be a Writer

"Jotting down notes and thinking about reading as a writer has changed my perspective on the books I swallow each year."

10 Audiobooks for Writers

Writers these days are busy and it's hard to find time to study the craft of writing as much as we'd like to. These ten audiobooks for writers can help.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Different Types of Poems

Learn about the most common types of poems and be inspired to write a poem of your own.

Literary Gifts For Writers

Find the perfect literary gifts for writers, including tote bags, notebooks, mugs, clothing, and more, all featuring books, reading, and/or writing humor.

Bad Book Article Bingo

"The physical book is obsolete" should be the center square.

“I Just Feel”: In Praise of Simplicity in Fiction

On the literary taboo and beauty of using the phrase "I feel" in writing.