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13 Books Like Red Dead Redemption

If you enjoy Westerns and playing (or watching) RED DEAD REDEMPTION, don't miss out on these readalikes for fans of the popular game.

Book Recommendations for My Animal Crossing Villagers

One Animal Crossing obsessed Rioter envisions the books she'd gift to her fellow island residents and staff, including Tom Nook & Isabelle!

Books Like Animal Crossing to Broaden Your New Horizons

While your villager heads to sleep or waits for the store to open, here are some books like Animal Crossing goodness to check out!

Audiobook Adventures with Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here's why one reader recommends audiobooking while playing Animal Crossing, and which audiobooks were paired with AC adventures.

Read(y) Player One: Books That Would Make Great Video Games

These books would make for rad video games. Any you'd like to see be taken into the hands-on mode?

5 Kidlit Books for Gamers to Add to Your Towering TBR

Video games are incredible mediums of storytelling in themselves, but sometimes you need to unplug. Here are kidlit books for gamers to help with that.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game Launches In 2018

A new Harry Potter mobile game is coming!

Let the Games Begin: Comics About Gaming

You should definitely check out these comics about gaming.

Robots and Dinosaurs: Comics to Read While You Play Horizon: Zero Dawn

Read thee comics if you love the video game HORIZON: ZERO DAWN

Up Your Geek Stats with an Insider Look at the World of Video Game Development

A look at a new book that explores the world of women who work in video game development.

Reading Makes Me a Better Gamer

I am what you might call as casual gamer, these days. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working my ...

A Spoiler-Free, Book Lover’s Guide to Life is Strange

Late last year, a number of Young Adult authors were swooning over the video game Life is Strange, an episodic ...

5 Video Game Spin-offs and Continuations I’d Want As Comics

Often, the main character of a video game, or rather, the character you play as, isn’t what makes the game ...

Comics to Read instead of Seeing PIXELS

Pixels is not getting the best reviews, to put it very very mildly. So maybe instead of spending your hard ...

The Best Video Games For Bookish Types

It really broils my brain when people hold up video games as the evil opposition to books, but it’s argument I’ve seen ...