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The Barbie movie is Warner Brother's highest grossing film ever. So why do they not seem to want to make many female-led movies?

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How returning to a Flash comic published 34 years ago has helped one comics reader navigate pandemic burnout.

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The Flashpoint event in 2011 did not play out so well in print. Here's hoping it will be better on screen.

Harry Potter Actors Turned Superheroes

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10 Best Things about the Supergirl-Flash Crossover

Ali remembers the 10 best things about the Supergirl/Flash crossover. (Let's hope there's a lot more of that to come!)

10 Best Things About the Supergirl-Flash Crossover

While Batman and Superman are trying to blow each other up at the box office, over on the small screen Supergirl and the Flash are teaming up!

The Flash: 02×01+02: The Man Who Saved Central City and Flash of Two Worlds

Oh, Comics! Podcast #49: Just Shy of 50

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THE FLASH seems to be drawing from DCU history for its upcoming season; what speedsters should come aboard next?