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Love is… Complicated: 19 Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Affairs

Love is a very complicated thing and the many books about affairs and other failings of the heart are a testament to this.

8 Books About Marriage and Secrets

These thrilling books about marriage and the secrets that define them peel away the layers and look behind closed doors to explore turbulent relationships.

6 Of The Greatest Books For Newlyweds

If you dare to ditch the registry, check out one of these great books for newlyweds to gift to the newlyweds in your life.

My Partner Doesn’t Use Bookmarks and It Stresses Me Out

It puts the bookmark in its book...

Help! I Need the Perfect Literary Wedding Reading

A groom-to-be puts out a call for suggestions for literary readings for his wedding.

A Bookish Love Story

On their first date, she asked if he wanted to read a book together. He did. Eleven years later, they're still sharing books.

Comics for an Impending Marriage

We here at Panels are taking some much needed time off; in the meantime, we’re revisiting some favorite old posts ...

Comics for an Impending Marriage

  The following post contains some mild spoilers for the upcoming Netflix show Jessica Jones and the comic series Fables. I ...

Together Toward Ourselves: 35 Bookish Wedding Readings

We’re heading into another wedding season, which means a lot of you are in the thick of planning for the ...

13 Moments: A Marriage by the Books

1. The first book: a gift from him the night she thinks she will welcome the first kiss, but there ...

On Marriage and (Not) Sharing Bookshelves

There are as many ways to make a marriage work as there are editions of Pride and Prejudice. I’m a hard person ...

3 Adorable Bookstore Marriage Proposals

As you are no doubt aware, thanks to endless reminders from tyrannical jewelry store marketers, ’tis the season to get ...