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A Love Letter to My Former Library

Really, when I think of community, I think of you. 

My Favourite Literary Coffee Shops In The Netherlands

Bookish coffee shops in the Netherlands to add to your travel bucket list!

Kickstart this! LEGO Library

Most of us book-lovers are library-lovers. Stopping by our public or school library whenever we can. Fidgeting with excitement over ...

8 Signs You’re A Library Power User

Do you sometimes type your library card number instead of your credit card number? Do you know your library hours by heart? You might be a library power user.

The Librarian Workout

The Librarian Workout: start with the "I refuse to use/can't find a library cart" loaded carry.

I Was the Library Ghost

One woman's fond recollections of her time as the library ghost and her first job shelving book at her middle school library.

Random Observations of a Former Fine Arts Library Page

In honor of National Library Week, here a few observations I've made in my time working at my university's fine arts library.

50 of Our Favorite Library Quotes About How Awesome Libraries Are

A public library is the most democratic thing in the world. What can be found there has undone dictators and tyrants. –Doris Lessing

I’m Not a Superhero: The Stress of Library Work

Librarians are often seen as community superheroes, but the increasing stress of library work can take a negative toll on our mental health, and it can prevent us from talking about our jobs and our personal needs honestly.

Breaking My Library Habit and Reading My Own Books

Have your library holds ever overwhelmed your reading life? How do you push back the allure of new, free books to read the backlog of books you already own?

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Library Card

Go beyond the free books at your library.

The Ghost of the Grey Lady in the Willard Library

A ghost has haunted readers in the Willard Library of Evansville, Indiana for decades. But who could she be?

100 Staff Picks From My Public Library

A public librarian shares some of her branch's most popular staff picks!

Neutrality in the Library? Don’t Give Me that Bullsh*t

Libraries literally cannot remain neutral in the face of “alternative facts” and blatant hatred.

A Modern Book Garden in Tehran

The biggest bookstore in the world is now in Tehran, Iran.