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YA Books Coming Out This Year That Every School Library Should Have

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Carina Pereira

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YA books always save me from reading slumps! I don’t know what is this magic surrounding these stories, but when I am struggling with reading and focusing, they never fail to offer me the comfort I need.

I love the open and non-presumptuous way YA books talk about difficult matters. How they guide us through the story, offering us an almost certainty that the main characters will find a safe shore, even if there are storms on the way. When there is no happy ending, they give us time to mourn, and to pick up the pieces of ourselves scattered around. YA books are friends.

There are many YA books coming out this year that I am really looking forward to read, and they would be a great addition to any school library. Here is a list of them!

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

This is the first book on a series and it is available now.

The story follows 16-year-old Bree Matthews, who tries to separate herself from her childhood memories after her mother dies in an accident. 

On the first night on her new campus, Bree witnesses a flying demon feeding off human energies, which in turn leads her to a secret society called Legendborn. These discoveries unlock Bree’s own magical powers, making her realise that there is something more to her mother’s death than what she was led to believe.

Rent A Boyfriend by Gloria Chao

Chloe Wang decides to hire a boyfriend through Rent For Your ‘Rents, a company which facilitates a partner to impress even the most traditional Asian parents. 

Drew Chan loves art, but when the pursuit of his dreams stops paying the bills, he decides to start working for Rent For Your ‘Rents

Chloe rents Drew to convince her parents to stop pressuring her to accept a proposal made by one of the wealthiest young single men from their community, but things become more complicated when she starts falling for Drew. 

Publishing in November.

Each Of Us A Desert by Mark Oshiro

Just published, this is the story of Xochital, who wanders the deserts alone hoping to find a soulmate.

When Emilia crosses paths with her, they set out on a journey together, having to deal with the terrors that haunt them once darkness falls.

Cemetery Boys cover

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Yadrel’s family doesn’t accept his gender, but he is determined to prove to them that he is a real brujo. 

His cousin Maritza helps him to perform a ritual, but things take an unexpected turn when Yadrel summons the ghost of Julian Diaz, the school’s bad boy who wants to figure out details about his own death.

Available now.

Miss Meteor

Miss Meteor by Tehlor Kay Mejia And Anna-Marie McLemore

Lita Perez and Chicky Quintanilla are determined to win the Miss Meteor Pageant, knowing very well that no one who has ever won the contest looks like any of them.

The two ex-friends put their differences aside to fight together to create a community that cherishes self-love and acceptance above all.

Out this September.

Among The Beasts And The Briars by Ashley Poston

Darkness grows and, with it, unlikely heroes come into play.

Cerys has nothing to fear, since she lives in the peaceful kingdom of Aloriya, but as a new Queen takes the throne, old enemies and dangers start to find their way into the kingdom.

Cerys has lost her mother and friends to the woods, and now she wants to use the little magic she still possesses within herself to save her home.

This book will release in October.

Odessa by Jonathan Hill

Shortly after an earthquake hits the west coast of the United States, Ginny’s mother leaves and never returns.

Now, eight years later and as Ginny turns 18, a strange package arrives.

Ginny wants, more than ever, to find out what happened to her mother, even if this means leaving her family behind.

Set to be released in November.

The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen

Tiê´n wants to come out to his parents, but how can he translate something so personal, when he already has trouble communicating with his parents, who still struggle with the English language?

This wonderful graphic novel shows the heart of a young boy, and how fairytales are so often tools for surviving and dealing with reality. 

Out in October.

This list would be a fantastic addition to any personal library too, and I can’t wait to dive into these books with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and a blanket!