8 Bequests By Famous Authors to Libraries

A list of eight library bequests where authors (and their families) donated their papers and/or donations to libraries (and one hospital).

The History and Debunking of Librarian Stereotypes

Angry? Repressed? Unfashionable? Timid? Librarian stereotypes have got to go. Before we banish them for good, let's look at their origins and debunk!

Over 70 Public Libraries Made 2019 a Record Year for Digital Checkouts

In 2019, 73 library systems loaned over 1 million titles each, making it a record year for checkouts of ebooks and audiobooks.

A Handy Guide To Academic Libraries For New Students

This one's for all of the readers going back to colleges and universities who want to get to know what academic libraries can offer.

Retiring a Library, Or, Sometimes Books Need To Be Disposed

Sometimes libraries dispose of books for a reason, and that resaon is rot.

My Library Card Made Me Less of a Picky Reader

How the reading habits of a library latecomer changed, and expanded, upon gaining access to that most cherished bookish item: a library card.

No More Book Shopping

A Rioter decided to make 2019 the year of not buying anything. As you might've guessed, book shopping turned out to be the hardest to quit.

Mom’s Library Visit vs Four-Year-Old’s Library Visit

A parent details how weekly trips to the public library have changed with a four-year-old in tow.

Literary Tourism: Accra, Ghana

Let's take a literary trip through Accra, Ghana, visiting bookstores, libraries, book festivals, and of course, literature itself.

5 Ways to Use Skype in the Library

Five ways to use Skype in the library to connect high school students to authors, professionals, and other students from around the world.