The Art of the Vulgar Tongue: Slang’s Evolution

Ever wonder how slang terms originate and spread or stay regional? We're taking a look at the evolution of slang and what part the internet plays.

The Best Online Columns About North American English

Here are a few fascinating internet series, columns, and blogs about the North American English language (from American and Canadian perspectives).

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Because sometimes you accidentally stumble down the rabbit hole and start questioning the use of idioms in fantasy worlds.

Speak or Swim: IN OTHER WORDS and the Trials of Learning a Language

"Children of immigrants, like Lahiri, experience shame for being other, their mother tongue ostracized rather than celebrated."

Quiz: What Weird Word from the English Language Are You?

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense." Take this quiz to find out what weird word from the English language is your match.

WORD WEALTH: My Best Friend and Nemesis

WORD WEALTH: the high school textbook that changed my relationship to writing and reading.

Books To Read If You Loved ARRIVAL

Books for science fiction fans that just want to chat with a heptapod

Language Is So Queer

One trans reader on picking up a book about trans lives and written by trans authors, but full of outdated language.

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On the misconceptions one Australian had about American food thanks to books.

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With Friends Like These, Who Needs (the word) Frenemies?

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