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Books for the Pop Culture Fanatic in Your Life

Do you have a loved one who is fanatical about pop culture and loves reading? The holidays are a-comin’, and ...

A Fill-In-The-Blank Fan Letter to Your Favorite Author

If you've ever wondered how to best express your appreciation for an author; this fill-in-the-blank fan letter to your favorite author can help.

Librarian Meets Fan: Fueling Fandom through Fundamental Librarian Skills

How librarians' skills help create thesauri for fandoms!

Falling Out of Love With Harry Potter

One reader's experience of additional content making her lose her love for the original series.

Yeah, But Is It Art?: On Riri Williams and J. Scott Campbell

Jess looks at the now-pulled J. Scott Campbell cover, which sexualizes a black teenage girl, and focuses on the criticisms that "fandom doesn't like art."

Fandom According to YA Lit

If you read enough YA books about fandom, you start to notice certain themes.

Never Too Young For a Fandom: My First Fandom Board Books

Get even the youngest readers into fandom early with these awesome books.

Kids, Teen Titans Go, and Fandom

Priya Sridhar discusses one personal experience from the Florida Supercon regarding Teen Titans Go and how to remember to be kind to young fans.

“The Rise of Fandom in Libraries,” a panel report

Thomas discusses the rise of fandom in libraries, and how libraries can help encourage and foster their patrons' fandom.

Unleash Your Inner Fangirl!

See, I have zero units of chill when talking about things that have captured my imagination. As I begin to ...

Fandom-Inspired Quiet Books

One thing about working in the kids’ section of a bookstore for years is that I’ve developed strong opinions about ...

Fandom 101: Interacting with Casual Readers

I have found that when I love something (like, Stay Up Late Contemplating Headcanons love something) I have trouble: talking ...

Fandom 101: Interacting with Female Authors

I have long identified as a fangirl. I believe that fandoms can do real good. Fans often are the ones ...

Imagining a Fandom Edition of an Annotated Harry Potter

I was one of the kids to grow up on Harry Potter. I eagerly awaited the first movie adaptation and ...