Never Too Young For a Fandom: My First Fandom Board Books

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Elizabeth Allen

Staff Writer

Lifelong book lover, Elizabeth Allen managed to get a degree in something completely unrelated that she never intends to use. She’s a proud Connecticut native who lives in a picturesque small town with her black olive-obsessed toddler daughter, her prom date-turned-husband, and her two dim-witted cats Penny Lane and Gretchen Wieners. She spends her days trying to find a way to be paid to read while drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching episodes of Gilmore girls until the DVDs fail, waiting for her husband to feed her, and being obnoxiously vain about her hair. Elizabeth’s work can be found at, where she is currently reading and reviewing all of the books referenced in Gilmore girls. She is also the cohost of two podcasts discussing the work of Amy Sherman-Palladino (“Under the Floorboards” and “Stumbling Ballerinas”). Basically, her entire goal in life is to be a bookish Lorelai Gilmore. She clearly dreams big. Twitter: @BWRBooks

Growing up, I was blessed/cursed with my father’s obsessive personality. If I find something I like, all bets are off. That’s it… it’s over. Guaranteed that I will think about little else than that topic over the next several months. It began with New Kids on the Block (Jon 4eva!  even if I’m not quite his type). My palate then (luckily) sophisticated to The Beatles. That particular obsession has stood the test of time. Fast forward to my first year of college where I discovered Gilmore girls. Then there was my discovery that there was a whole world of books that included so much more than the pages between two covers… tshirts, jewelery, conventions, websites, artwork. The possibilities are endless!

Then I learned of the term “fandom”. And everything changed. I had finally found my people.

And one of the things I so want to impart to my own daughter is to love the things she loves with her whole being. I’ve gotten some strange looks when it comes to the enthusiasm with which I express my joy and delight in certain seemingly superficial things. I’ve spent way too much of my life feeling embarrassed or trying to hide that excitement. The beauty of life is finding happiness in the small things. Watching Sam and Dean Winchester kick the asses of various monsters (and being smokin’ hot while doing it). Cheering on Mal Reynolds and his Browncoats fighting the Alliance (and being smokin’ hot while doing it). Purchasing all the Dalek cookie jars money can buy. Considering spending my daughter’s college fun on a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It may not be ridding the world of racism and hate, but it sure as hell makes this world a little more fun to live in.

So start your kids out in discovering their fandoms early. And the people at My First Fandom have just the way to do it.  They publish children’s board books specifically to introduce babies and toddlers to the glory of the fandom.  Introduce them to The Doctor early on, start them on the right path!

My First Fandom Books

Look at that beautiful sight!  *sniffle* It’s just so beautiful!

Some of my favorites:

Supernatural Board Book

Carry on my wayward son. Read about The Winchester Boys traveling in Baby, saving people, hurting things… the family business!




Walking Dead Board Book



Stumbling through Atlanta, shutting down the CDC, Carol’s cookies. Doesn’t focus on Daryl, but still pretty bad ass.



Harry Potter Board Book



Accio boardbook! If your child is still too young for the gorgeous illustrated editions of JK Rowling’s beloved book, start here!


My First Fandom, doing the Lord’s work!  Teaching kids about what is really important in life…. identifying your fandoms and supporting them with your whole heart.


If you have a small child in your life, also check out these fandom-related Quiet Books as written about by fellow Book Riot contributor, Danika Ellis!