Riot Headline The Most Read Books on Goodreads This Week

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I Quit My Goodreads Challenge And Never Looked Back

I quit my Goodreads challenge so I could get back to what I love about the site: hunting for and discovering gems and keeping track of my reading journey.

The Closest Thing I Have to a Diary is an Old Copy of PREP

How the marginalia and repeat reads of a book became one reader's diary and glimpse into her life at various points in time.

10 Books on Helga Pataki’s Reading List

Nickelodeon has announced that a new Hey Arnold! movie will debut on Thanksgiving of 2017. Here are ten books that everyone's favorite bully would read.

Boy vs. Girl: THE ENGAGEMENTS by J. Courtney Sullivan and SISTERLAND by Curtis Sittenfeld

Welcome to another installment of Boy vs. Girl, in which we (Marisa Atkinson and Casey Peterson) read and debate new ...