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Plan a Wedding and We’ll Tell You which Baby-Sitters Club Character You Are

Ever wondered which Baby-Sitters Club member you would have been? Are the bossy tomboy full of big ideas like Kristy? Or sensitive, sweet, and organised like Mary Anne? Plan a wedding and this highly accurate** quiz will tell you which BSC member you are and the kind of wedding you will have!

**This quiz is probably terribly inaccurate and there was a fair bit of extrapolation on my part when designing the quiz. I mean, the girls are 13 when we know them. A lot can happen between the ages of 13 and 20s–30s when people often get married. This is just how I imagine each of the baby-sitters would have their weddings but I would actually welcome discussion on what you imagine their weddings to be like. Would they all even get married? Big weddings? Small weddings? Traditional? Modern? Would they all still be living in Stoneybrook? Would they invite one another or be in each other’s wedding parties?

Sorry. I’ll stop musing about BSC weddings and let you carry on with the quiz now.