Most Popular SFF of 2013

Sharifah and guest Jeff O’Neal talk about the SFF book that topped B&N’s bestseller list, yet another Game of Thrones spinoff, D&D’s new streaming venture, travel a decade back in time to look at the most popular SFF of 2013, and more.

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Barnes & Noble Top 100 Bestselling Books [Barnes & Noble]

GOT Universe Expands []

D&D launching a TV channel [Gizmodo]

Taika Waititi in Talks to Direct Klara and the Sun [Deadline]

Books Discussed

Goodreads’s Most Popular Books of 2013

Note to listeners: Goodreads’s list does not meet our standards for diversity. In 2013, there was less awareness about the importance of representation and BIPOC-authored books, and less marketing dollars went toward those books. Unfortunately, we continue to see a dearth of representation in many “most popular” lists. Look out for Sharifah’s next backlist episode where she’ll discuss some great 2013 BIPOC SFF books.