Manage Your Mischief With Harry Potter Bullet Journal Supplies

I use my bullet journal to keep track of just about everything: work, appointments, my reading life, my shopping list—the lists are truly endless. A Slytherin doesn’t let a long to-do list get in the way of her ambition, right? A Slytherin just gets it done. Whichever House you identify with, here are some Harry Potter bullet journal supplies that will add magic to your journal, or whatever planner you use!

owl notebook from Etsy

Here’s a fancy owl journal to get you started. $19.99.

Hufflepuff badger notebook from Etsy

Y0u can select lined, gridded, or plain paper with this House symbol notebook. $25.00.

leather notebook portfolio with Slytherin crest

This leather notebook portfolio turns any notebook into a luxury notebook and is perfect for the Slytherin in your life. $200.

assorted Harry Potter stickers

These stickers are fantastic if you want to add some art to your planner but, like me, you really can’t draw. $2.87 for 24.

a variety of Harry Potter washi tape

A selection of HP washi tape to keep yourself organized. Starting at $2.00.

small stickers of Harry Potter characters

These little people are adorable and they start at $3.13. Look at Dobby’s ears!

washi tape in Harry Potter House colors

Show your House pride with one or two of these House-specific rolls of washi tape. From $2.00. 
stickers that look like the UK covers of the Harry Potter books

Tiny books! Teeny tiny books! A sheet of these could be yours for $3.25.

washi tape with magical plants

Professor Sprout herself would fall for this magical plant washi tape. Get yourself a roll for $6.00.

'spell-o-tape' washi tape

How about a roll of cleverly-designed spell-o-tape? $5.00.