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Rebecca Joines Schinsky

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It was the big, all-school spring concert, and I sang alto in the mixed chorus at Kelvyn Park High School in Chicago. We were performing a lovely old song called “Madam Jeanette” about a French woman pining away for someone who fell at Pere Lachaise. I was excited and probably skipped breakfast; as were singing I found myself swaying, getting light-headed and finally seeing stars. The last words the chorus sang, rather mournfully, were, “They’ll take her slumber at Pere Lachaise.” This preceded the loud thunk as I hit the wooden risers. My friend Peter was behind me, and thinking himself very strong, he scooped me off the floor and headed – not backstage, behind the curtain- but down the main aisle of the auditorium toward the exit. Unfortunately, he didn’t arrange my skirt very nicely and students that day saw London, France, and someone’s underpants…which all of my dear friends told me about – endlessly!

All my mother said was “Next time eat your breakfast, and I hope you had on nice underpants.” Total mortification. I just googled the song and relived the entire experience. STILL embarrassing.