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Feel Good Romances Ripe for Rereading

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With the current mood I’ve been in, I am feeling the need for books that never fail to make me smile. For me, re-reading books has always been a bit of a comfort thing; something I do when I just need a ‘pick me up’ and want to return to an old familiar favorite. That leads me to my recommendations for this week. These are some of my favorite romances that always put a smile on my face and I can always re-read. Hopefully they will bring you some joy as well.

cover of Vivid

Vivid by Beverly Jenkins

When Dr. Viveca (Vivid) sees an advertisement for a doctor in the small Black community of Grayson Grove, she is ecstatic to put her skills to use. When she gets there she is met with rebuffs from a majority of the town including Mayor Nate Grayson. Believing that women can’t be doctors, Nate is determined to send her right back home. However, she challenges him to give her a chance to see how she can help the community which he agrees to. As the weeks pass, the two find themselves drawn to each other and Nate begins to wonder if he was mistaken all around about the beautiful Vivid.

Cover of Marriage Most Scandalous

Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey

Years ago, Sebastian is banished from his home after the results of a tragic duel. Since then, he has made a name for himself as a mercenary known as The Raven. He is surprised when Margaret seeks him out, demanding he come back home to help solve the mystery of the accidents that have recently started happening to his father. In order to travel without suspicion, they must pose as husband and wife, which proves to be a bit too tempting for them. Will they be able to overcome the scandals of his past to find a happily ever after together?

cover image of Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

When a video of security guard Zaf carrying Professor Dani out after a fire drill goes viral, the entire internet begins to ship them together. This ends up putting a spotlight on Zaf, who wants to use this sudden and possibly fleeting fame to help his sports charity for children. Dani agrees to this, thinking that she will use this as an opportunity to seduce him. As they spend more time with each other though, she finds out that he is a hidden romantic and that she may want more than an affair with him.