#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

Normalize Black History: 5 Extraordinary Black People in History

"Don't join the fight against racism to liberate me and other Black people. Join the fight to liberate yourself."

Queer Book Talk from Book Riot’s #OwnVoices

LGBTQ+ Rioters talk about some of the queer books they've been enjoying, as well as the books that gave them space to explore queerness.

An Elegy to Paper Advance Reader Copies

A reader recounts the joy of taking a break from online time to read paper ARCs in taking time to mourn the little things lost to pandemic for now.

Time Is Not Real: Books That Play With the Art of Time

Time in books has always had more freedom than time in the real world--or so we thought. An examination of the art of time in fiction and in life.

AMERICAN HARVEST and Life Between the Urban and Rural Divide

On books set in the rural middle of America and the powerful insights from AMERICAN HARVEST.

Why Young Adult Books Still Appeal to Me as an Adult

And to this day, I credit this experience as being one of the largest reasons why I prefer to read young adult books as an adult.

Nostalgia Reads: My Fascination With Solve Your Own Mystery Books

A reader remembers the pre-internet delights of following clues in a nostalgic series known as The Usborne Puzzle Adventures.

The YA Book Prize Shortlist

The Young Goodman Brown Effect in Education

A reader and teacher on the educational philosophy she calls the Young Goodman Brown effect, named after the story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Harriet the Spy, Tomato Sandwiches, and Breaking Routines

A reader on rereading HARRIET THE SPY, considering it from a modern standpoint and applying its messages about making sense of the world.

How A WRINKLE IN TIME Got Me Through Depression

How one reader found catharsis about growing up and embracing inner strength in both the book and adaptation of A WRINKLE IN TIME.

Why You’re Allowed to Grow Out of Books and Authors

How one reader came to accept that it's okay to grow out of books, especially when the reading experience is emotionally connected to harder times.

How a Combination of Reading and Daydreaming Turned Me Into a Writer

How one Rioter first developed the inkling that she wanted to become a writer while daydreaming as a kid, and why she has reading to thank for it.

How Teaching Taught Me More About YA Books

MFA student Chris M. Arnone took a freshman-level course, helped teach it, and learned more about YA books than he bargained for.

The Books That Saw Me Through Lonely Hospital Stays

From heartwarming comics to poetry that makes you feel seen, here's one reader on the books that saw them through long hospital stays.