#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

The Surprising Joy of the Slow Read

Even if you can finish hundreds of books in a year, there can be value in slowing down and reading a book over a long period of time.

On Learning to Embrace Audiobooks as a Reader

How one reader with ADD and Dyslexia learned to embrace audiobooks and thrived as a result.

What Rioters Like to Do While Listening to Audiobooks

From completing puzzles to taking long walks, Rioters share their favorite audiobook activities and multitasking methods.

Assigned Reading That Changed Our Lives

From the classics to radical feminist theory, the assigned reading that changed these Rioters' lives—for better or for worse!

Reading Less, Living More: Dispatches From a Pandemic Reading Life

How one Rioter realized that reading could no longer be used as a way to outrun anxiety, and returned to reading for pleasure.

John Green’s Lifework, Reviewed On a 5 Star Scale

Reviews are a kind of memoir, so here is my review of the lifework of John Green as it has influenced my life.

The Cold Equation of Science Fiction

Science Fiction is meant to test the boundaries and explore the limits, but is it meant to leave us outside our comfort zones?

On the Unpredictable Impact of Books

We've all had the experience of a book impacting us in an unpredictable way. This reader muses about those books' impact on her life.

An Ode to Audiobooks Improving My Life

From being good company while handling miserable tasks to occupying anxious brain space, here's an ode to audiobooks from a grateful listener.

A Day in the Life of an Indie Bookseller

Experience a day in the life of an indie bookseller, working at Bosch&deJong boekverkopers, a small bookstore in Rotterdam, Netherlands.