#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

Rediscovering My Love of Coloring Books While Social Distancing

When one reader exhausted interest in reading and other activities while social distancing, she rediscovered her passion for coloring books.

Dear Hiring Manager: Please Interview My Goodreads Account, Not Me

Instead of asking canned, cliché interview questions, can you just look at my reading log?

Why Are We Obsessed With Other People’s Bookshelves?

Since COVID-19 began and Zoom calls became a regular feature of our lives, we've become even more fascinated by other people's bookshelves.

Searching for Little Free Libraries As a Way to Say Goodbye

A reader on saying goodbye not only to the books she can't bring on the next phase of her journey, but to her roomie, her sister.

2020 Book Goal Updates

A plan was made, then 2020 happened! One reader checks in on this year's reading goal progress.

The Power of the Reread

One reader shares thoughts on making time for the joy of rereading old favorites—and the guilt of passing over unread books.

It’s Me, Your Coffee Table

Hey. It's me, your coffee table. I didn't want to bring this up, but... can we talk?

Falling Into My First Book Club

A reader on the positive experience of participating in her first book club, and the importance of that virtual, bookish connection.

I Have Conflicting Feelings About Reading What Everyone Else Is Reading

A reader examines the joy of stumbling upon reads, and expresses conflicting feelings about a year of buzzy books read by recommendation.

Behind the Scenes: Working at Barnes & Noble in Illinois

If you've ever stopped browsing your B&N to wonder about life as a bookseller, here's a firsthand account of working at a Barnes & Noble.

I Buy Books as Souvenirs in Every City I Visit

A reader on the birth of a bookish tradition: buying books as souvenirs memorializing meaningful trips and experiences.

A Little Free Library Walking Tour of My Neighborhood

In a city with almost 400 Little Free Libraries, are they actually worth visiting? I documented every LFL in my neighborhood to find out.

How THE LITTLE PRINCE Has Helped Me Through This Pandemic

How reading The Little Prince as an adult helped one reader find wonder and escapism in a tumultuous year.

What’s Your Reading Daydream?

We build TBRs, set reading goals, say we'll sit in a curated space to read all day: all a part of our reading daydream.

Our Biggest Bookish Achievements of 2020

In a year of lows, we're shining a light on the highs: Rioters the bookish achievement they're most proud of in 2020.