Riot Headline Literary Activism: How To Help Texas’s Recovery

#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

Reflections on Rereading and The Self

A reader considers what makes rereading an enjoyable and insightful practice, and how stories change with rereads.

Bookish Love Notes: Connecting Via Snail Mail in the Age of COVID-19

Searching for ways to connect with others during the pandemic? Consider this reader's goal to send snail mail book recommendations.

Ode To The Paperback Book

A reader's ode to the simple pleasure of reading a paperback book: the simple, the humble, the easily totable.

I’d Rather Be Reading: My Pandemic Dating Life

Dating during a pandemic while out of practice is no joke. Take it from this reader and reconnect with your inner romantic through books.

How a Dr. Seuss Book Was Just What I Needed

What happens when you let a fun and silly story sweep you away from your worries? Follow this parent down the Dr. Seuss rabbit hole.

Is it Worth Reading if I Forget Everything I Read?

Do you remember the plot points in the novels you read a year ago? The facts from the nonfic? If not, what made them worth reading?

How The TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE Books Comforted Me When I Needed It

Facing new challenges, loneliness, and worries, one reader found comfort in the pages of the TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE series.

I Wrote A Poem After Every Book I Read in 2020

How writing a poem for every book she read in 2020 helped one reader reconnect with the act of reading again.

I Read Slower Now and Maybe That’s a Good Thing

A reader on how the pandemic has forced him to reevaluate why he reads quickly and to read slower as he returns to reading for pleasure.

How Poetry Is Helping Me Through The Pandemic

One reader shares how poetry has brought her comfort and companionship in the midst of the pandemic, and offers some recommendations.

In Praise of Mediocre Books

On the sheer pleasure of reading those mediocre books.

Introducing My Toddler to The Baby-Sitters Club

A Baby-Sitters Club fan on the experience and journey of introducing her very young reader to BSC through the Little Sister graphic novels.

What Rioters Miss Most About Comic Book Conventions

Rioters talk about what they miss most about comic book conventions. Everything from cosplay to the sweet comic book finds.

The Revelations Of Rereading

Jenn finds reassurance, comfort, and inspiration in the revelations of rereading beloved series, including N.K. Jemisin's Dreamblood Duology.

Where Are The Board Books Featuring Disabled People?

Babies and their caretakers would like nothing more than better disability representation in board books. Why is it lacking?