#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

Why I Read Out Loud To My Dog

People with pets often speak to them, but what about reading out loud to them? One writer makes the case on why they read to their Labrador.

How Many Times Do You Hear About a Book Before You Read or Buy It?

How many times do readers usually hear about a book before committing to read or buy it, and is exposure all that matters here?

I Don’t Want Kids, So Why Am I So Into Books About Queer Parenthood?

How can someone not want kids, but be so moved by books about parenting? One writer examines their layered feelings around the subject.

Finding a Childhood Book from a Hazy Memory: a Ghost Story

One reader describes her years-long quest to find the book of scary stories that sunk its hooks into her brain as a child.

The Weird Optimism of Novels About Doomsday Cults

How reading fiction about doomsday cults can actually be an exercise in optimism and hope. Someone has to live to tell the story, after all.

I Read Trevor Noah’s Favorite Books. Here’s What I Thought.

I read five of Trevor Noah's favorite books. Here's what I thought of them and what I learned about Trevor Noah through this experience.

Why I’m Obsessed with BabyLit

One bibliophile mother's love for series BabyLit with baby book adaptations of Frankenstein, The Raven, and more

When I’m Nostalgic for the ’80s and ’90s, I Read These Books

Many of us have pleasant memories of our childhood, and when nostalgia for the '80s and '90s hits, these are some books to turn to.

To the Authors I’d Follow Anywhere

There are some authors who take you places you'd never expect to go and you'll follow them because they're just that good.

Falling in Love to Fall Asleep: How Romance Audiobooks Saved My Bedtime Routine

Books are often used in bedtime routines, but this writer dives into a particularly effective combination of method and genre to fall asleep.