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The Best Romance Manhwa to Read Right Now

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Silvana Reyes Lopez

Senior Contributor

Silvana Reyes is a Mexican book blogger. She enjoys all types of sub-genres, but loves a good love story. Romance fiction is her heart and joy and you might find her screaming about book releases on her Twitter account.

The romance genre is so vast that you can find it in every format — in television, film, novels, poetry, and comics, to name a few. Not only that, but you can consume all kinds of romance stories as well! How about a story revolving around a secretary who falls in love with their boss? Definitely yes! Or how about one where the protagonist gets involved with a mythological being, and their whole life changes? You bet. All these stories are out there, especially in Korean manga, also known as manhwa. And in this article, we’re going to talk about the 10 best romance manhwa you can read right away.

I chose to organize my recommendations in two different parts: completed and not-yet-completed. Because many readers wait for chapters to accumulate before they start reading manhwa, I wanted to include a list of the best-completed romance manhwa. This means that you can read the stories from start to finish without any breaks (if you want!). But I also included not-yet-completed manhwa because there are some good stories out there that are yet to be finished, and they’re worth a read! You have various options to choose from and all kinds of great storytelling.

Online or Physical?

It was only recently that we were blessed with manhwa in print format. You previously had to go on sites like Webtoon or Tapas to enjoy these stories. Sometimes, they were free to read, and other times, you needed to buy “coins” to read new chapters. Either way, readers had easy access to them, and they were able to enjoy manhwa immediately. They still do, of course! Webtoons, Tapas, Lezhin, and so many more still provide us with excellent content. But now, readers have another choice to consume manhwa: in print. Thanks to publishers like Yen Press, we can now own our favorite manhwa and even put them on our bookshelves! Isn’t that wonderful?

I chose to highlight this point because, as mentioned before, I wanted to primarily focus on completed manga. But while these manhwa might have print releases, they might not be completed in that format. What I mean is that there might be some stories that are completed online but not in print. They might have two or three volumes out in paperback right now, but if you want to read the series completely, you have the option to read them online.

I can talk about romance manhwa for eternity (isekai popularity, villainess plotlines, hot CEOs, etc.) if you let me. But I know you want to reach the recommendation portion of this article, so let’s leave that for another time. Why did I choose these specific manhwa, you may ask? It can be about the story, the development, the characters, the heartwarming romance, or just how it made me feel. What you can be sure about is that these manhwa will provide love stories that you won’t be able to forget.

The Best Romance Manhwa: Completed

Cover of My Secretly Hot Husband

My Secretly Hot Husband by Harara, Gabi Nam, Jungyeon

When your uncle sends you to marry the infamous “Monster Lord” to fulfill an old debt, what’s a girl to do?

Fearing what lies ahead, Letitia arrives at her new home with low expectations. But instead of finding an evil and horrifying man as a husband, she meets someone who is rather very sweet and gentle. Also, so very hot!

Cover of Daytime Star romance manhwa

Daytime Star by Chaeun, Godago

Daytime Star is a dazzling, glamorous manhwa that will remind you of the times when you were watching your favorite TV shows and thought that certain actors were dating in real life. This story is all about the show business and what happens when you live in a world like that.

Yura Hwang is our protagonist, a struggling, no-name actress who just wants to make it big. But right now, minor roles are what are landing on her table. She’ll take them if it means she’ll get to act alongside celebrities and household names like Seunghyeon Kang. Soon, though, Yura will experience her dreams coming true!

Even though the manhwa is completed on Webtoon, Daytime Star has a Daily Pass, which means that you get one chapter available every day.

Cover of Semantic Error romance manhwa

Semantic Error by Jeosuri, Angy

Semantic Error is loved by many. And with reason! The story is centered around a college guy named Sangwoo Choo, who is known to be a rule follower. Whenever he sees someone free-riding group projects without doing any work at all, he can’t stand it! So, when it happens to him, he decides to not write down the names of his classmates. This prevents college senior Jaeyoung Jang from graduating. Now, he is committed to getting revenge on Sangwoo.

Cover of Our Secret Alliance

Our Secret Alliance by Cakenyam

If you love high-school stories, Our Secret Alliance has to be on your list. In this hilarious, heartwarming tale, Se-i Yun and Jaeha Kim are model high school students. They’re also childhood best friends. But it has been a while since they have interacted with each other until they decide to form an alliance to escape their strict parents’ eyes. But will this new alliance become something more? Only time will tell.

Similar to Daytime Star, Our Secret Alliance is also on Daily Pass.

Cover of Love is an Illusion Volume 1

Love is an Illusion by Fargo

Love is an Illusion is an Omegaverse romance featuring a man who has always thought he was an alpha but suddenly finds out he’s actually an omega. It’s then he meets an actual alpha who can’t stand omegas, but somehow, every time he bumps into Hye-sung, he can’t help but draw near and get involved.

You can read all the chapters on Lezhin.

Cover of Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion romance manhwa

Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion by Milcha, Whale

This manhwa is a juggernaut! If we’re talking about some of the biggest romance manhwa in the entire world, we can’t not mention Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion. Not only does it have a print release (with five volumes out as of today), but it also has an anime adaptation that was recently released on Crunchyroll.

And you know what? It’s really, really good. A woman wakes up inside the world of a novel where her fate is set in stone: she’ll be eventually killed by her fiancé! In order to survive, she enlists the help of a cold-hearted duke with the kindest smile.

If you love isekai stories with fake engagement tropes, get reading!

Cover of My Gently Raised Beast

My Gently Raised Beast by Yeoseulki, Teava, Early Flower

One of the best romance manhwa in stores right now is My Gently Raised Beast, a fantasy romance about a girl who bumps into a talking cat only to find out that he’s actually a boy. Similar to A Business Proposal, My Gently Raised Beast is being released in paperback, yet all chapters can be found on Webtoon. The series is behind a Daily Pass so you’ll have to go read a chapter a day if you wish to read it fully!

The Best Romance Manhwa: Incomplete

Cover of Operation True Love

Operation: True Love by kkokkalee

Another great high-school romance manhwa is Operation True Love. This compelling story follows Su-ae Shim, a student, and the highs and lows of dating in high school. When you think no one can be interested in you, you suddenly find yourself with a lot on your hands. This happens to Su-ae when she discovers Jellypop, a sentient flip phone that has too much to say about her own love life.

Cover of Dawn of the Dragon

Dawn of the Dragon by Ma Jeung ji

Yoo Taehyuk, the heir to his family’s business, has decided to take his sister’s place and meet the patron deity — a dragon — of the Yoo family. But he never expected his relationship with Hyo-un to turn this way… Dawn of the Dragon is a thrilling, steamy romance manhwa about an heir, a dragon, and the bond between them.

Cover of The Dangerous Convenience Store

The Dangerous Convenience Store by 945

A convenience store part-timer meets a handsome gangster in this mature-rated, steamy romance manhwa.

Working the graveyard shift in a convenience store is not ideal for college student Yeo Eui-joon. But the pay is good, and most of the clientele don’t bother him. Maybe it has to do with the fact that a tall, handsome gangster named Gunwoo has a soft spot for him and is always there to defend him from dodgy customers. Will this be the start of something new for both of them?

If you want to read more romance manhwa, you can take a look at this other list of must-read romance manhwa where you’ll be able to find more amazing titles.