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The Cat’s Meow: Here Are Your Purr-Fect Cat Bookmarks

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Books and cats are the purr-fect combination. Cats make an ideal reading companion as they ask so little of you while you’re consuming your next chapter, and in the colder weather, they help keep your lap or your feet toasty. Not only do they provide cozy kinship, but cats offer an incredible array of purrfect literary puns for readers, too. Even if you don’t have your own cat to snuggle with or love on, never fear. One of the ways you can hang with the cool cats is with an array of cat bookmarks.

Whether you love a good magnetic bookmark, a fancy above-the-book-edge bookmark, or just love cute images of sweet or funny felines, look no further. You’ll find that sweet cat bookmark below.

Cat bookmarks aren’t enough? Never fear. We’ve got a roundup here of awesome cat notebooks, so you’ll want to purr-use that list for more bookish kitty finds.

There’s no use leaving you hanging….you know we’ve also got a list of literary cat names for when you’re itching for inspiration to name your tome-tastic tabby or tortie something with bookish cred. Meow!

These Cat Bookmarks Are The Cat’s Pajamas

Image of a bookmark featuring a tuxedo cat. In blue, it reads "what a cat-tastic book."

I keep this bookmark in my saved goods because I plan to buy it some day. Look at this tuxedo cat! Look at the fun cat pun! Ugh, it’s perfect. $6.

Image of a white lucky cat bookmark on an open book.

I love that this lucky cat sits on top of your book and waits patiently for you to return. $13.

Image of an intricately designed metal bookmark featuring a black cat looking out a window. It has on a big pink bow.

The artistry that goes into these metal bookmarks is incredible, and I’m very tempted to snag this black cat bookmark. $22 and up.

Image of a bookmark held by a white hand. the bookmark features a watercolor image including a cat with a constellation inside.

When you love all things celestial and all things cat, this watercolor celestial cat bookmark is going to tick all your boxes. $5 and up.

Image of a black metal bookmark. It's in the shape of a cat holding on to the top of a book page.

Knowing how sharp kitty claws are, you know this cat isn’t going to lose your place. $25 for the metal bookmark.

Image of two bookmarks. They each have the same image: bookshelves filled with colorful books and cats.

Cats in stacks! $7 and up.

Image of a wooden cat bookmark on top of a dictionary page opened to the book-themed words.

Not only is this wooden cat bookmark adorable, it’s also customizable. Name him something fun and literary (it’ll go on the back of the bookmark)! $10 and up.

Image of two bookmarks on a book. The bookmarks both say "not meow, i'm reading." The bookmark on the left has a grey cat on the bottom and the bookmark on the right, an orange tabby cat.

Not MEOW, I’m reading. Choose the cat you’d purrfur. $3 and up.

Image of a small bookmark featuring a black cat at the top of a grid notebook.

This lil guy is so damn cute! $3 for the top-of-the-page black cat bookmark.

Image of a green bookmark on an open book. The bookmark has an orange spotted cat on top of a planet. The cat has on a space helmet.

Who doesn’t love a space cat? $3 and up.

Image of five bookmarks on a wood background.. The cats each have a a mermaid tail.

Mewmaids. MEWMAIDS. Pick your majestical cat mermaid bookmark. $5.

Image of a white cat bookmark inside an open book,

This letterpress cat bookmark is minimal in the best ways. Plus, look at that balance. $3.

Image of a white hand holding two bookmarks. One is purple and one is blue. Both bookmarks are glittery cat paws.

These glittery cat paw bookmarks are way too fun. Choose your color and your cat. $11.

Image of a gray cat with an umbrella and yellow rain coat.

It’s not the Puss in Boots you know, but this magnetic bookmark is the Puss in Boots you deserve. $5.