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BRIDGERTON Must-Haves: 10 Gifts For The Regency Romcom Fan

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Bridgerton is back, y’all! I mean, let’s face it, it never really left. The Netflix series was just the balm we needed in late 2020. Now, it’s 2022, and Bridgerton has returned with an all-new romance for us to follow. To celebrate, I’ve picked out ten Bridgerton must-haves from Etsy. Every one of these items makes the perfect gift for that friend who just won’t shut up about Anthony and Kate — even if that person is you.

Julia Quinn’s romance novel series about the eight plucky Bridgerton siblings has been making romance readers swoon for years. That left the Netflix series with big shoes to fill, and fill them it has. Viewers fell in love with Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings in the show’s first season, which can best be described as Jane Austen, but make it softcore. Anthony and Kate’s on-screen romance is a good deal tamer, but I can guarantee you that fans will be coming back to see Benedict and Sophie light up the small screen.

But that’s a long way off. For now, we must content ourselves with the finest Bridgerton must-have gifts.

Bridgerton Must-Have Gifts

Diamond of the Season sweatshirt

Want a little pick-me-up? Don this Diamond of the Season sweatshirt to tackle your worst self-esteem days. Available in four colors. $38+

Bridgerton tea towel set

These Bridgerton tea towels make great housewarming gifts, even if you aren’t moving in with a viscount. Available individually or as a set of three. $18+

Mallet of Death charm set

For those who don’t like to wear their fandoms on their sleeves, there’s this Mallet of Death charm set. Available in three styles. $18+

pastel Bridgerton bookmarks set

A set of pastel Bridgerton bookmarks? Yes, please! $4+

Lady Whistledown mug with the text: "Spill the tea. Lady Whistledown's Society Papers: Extraordinary people, extraordinary news."

Gossip-hounds will love this Lady Whistledown mug. Available in two sizes and seven styles. $11+

embroidered t-shirt with text "you vex me" above breast pocket

If enemies-to-lovers is your thing, treat yourself to this vexing embroidered T-shirt. Available in two colors. $30

Bridgerton tote bag

Got a friend who can’t leave a bookstore without buying at least three new books? Give them this Bridgerton tote bag to make their life a little easier. $12

Lady Whistledown enamel pin

Decorate your lanyard or pin banner with this Lady Whistledown enamel pin. Available in two colors. $12

Kate Sharma mug with text: "Be the Kate Sharma of whatever you do"

If you have a tough time rolling out of bed, grab this inspirational Kate Sharma mug and get that bread. Available in two sizes. $15+

Lady Whistledown bookmark

And finally, get yourself a Lady Whistledown bookmark to keep track of your most scandalous reading projects. $4

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