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15 Bookish Candles for Romance Fans

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Julia Rittenberg

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Julia is a professional nerd who can be spotted in the wild lounging with books in the park in Brooklyn, NY. She has a BA in International Studies from the University of Chicago and an MA in Media Studies from Pratt Institute. She loves fandom, theater, cheese, and Edith Piaf. Find her at

As the winter drags on, it’s important to cozy up with your preferred genre as much as possible. Curling up in an armchair under a big blanket with a good book is the best activity for cold, rainy, and snowy days. I’m usually jostling for a place in the comfort of my armchair with my cat. Whatever your genre of choice, there are a great many options for cozy reading these days. For romance fans, the consistent popularity of romance means you have an incredibly deep well to draw from for books to read. To up the coziness factor, you can light a candle near your reading spot.

Bookish candles for romance fans have a variety of smells, so it’s easy to find your preferred scent alongside your preferred sub-genre of romance. The fun of candles for romance fans is that they have a lot of inside jokes for the scents. Even though romance is so wide-reaching in terms of genre and tropes and plots, there are some inside jokes that are foundational to romance readers. Whether the main characters fall in love on a spaceship or in an ancient desert, they could start as friends or enemies before they’re lovers. You can have two characters on opposite sides of a time travel war, or two who are working for the same company but have intense distaste for each other. Some tropes are universally beloved across romance.

Cozy up with your favorite romance, and light one of these candles to set the mood.

Book Club Candles

romance candle colleciton

Romance Candle Collection

Celebrate your shared love of kissing books with this set of candles, perfect for a romance book club. $15 per candle

romance book club candle

Romance Book Club Candle

You can set the mood for your romance read with your book club. Whether you’re arguing or agreeing, it’s good to have a nice scent. $25

smut book club

Smut Candle Book Club Candle

We’re all here to read smut — there’s no need to be coy about it. Be honest about your club with a spicy candle. $22

spicy book club candle

Spicy Romance Book Club 4 oz Tin Candle

The spicy citrus and sriracha scent of this candle is the perfect complement to your spicy romance novel. $9

Trope Candles

cowboy romance candle

Smut Lover Cowboy Romance Candle

What’s so great about cowboys? Romance fans have a lot of thoughts. $26

fake relationship candle

Fake Relationship Candle/Book Tropes Candle

A fake relationship? Literally nothing could go wrong, no one will catch feelings! $20

enemies to lovers candle

Enemies-to-Lovers Candle

One of the most popular romance tropes is enemies-to-lovers, so you can show off your favorite trope with this candle. $25

friends to lovers candle

Friends-to-Lovers Candle

Friends can fall in love, too! Light this candle while you’re reading a favorite friends-to-lovers story. $7-$22

only one bed candle

Smells Like A One Bed Trope Romance Reader Bookish Candle

There was only one bed? Surely nothing untoward occurred! $25

slow burn romance candle

Slow-Burn Romance Book Trope Scented Soy Candle

The joy of a slow burn is when the characters really earn that explosive first kiss. If you have a slow-burn romance that lasts longer than the burn time on this candle, that might be the ultimate slow burn. $25

lesbians and witchcraft candle

Lesbians and Witchcraft Candle

The fun of queer witches cannot be denied. Set the right mood with a lesbians and witchcraft candle. $25

grumphy sunshine candle

Grumpy Sunshine Candle

Have fun with character differences with a grumpy-sunshine romance. $23

Character Candles

but is he a duke candle

But Is He a Duke? – Earl Grey Tea, Vetiver, Fig, and Dried Tobacco-Scented Candle

So many dukes are running around the world of romance novels — see if you can catch them all! $22

high lady of the night court candle

Smells Like The High Lady Of The Night Court Candle

Pay tribute to Feyre Archeron during your ACOTAR reread with this character candle. $23

bewitched me body and soul candle

You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul, Pride & Prejudice Candle

Remind yourself of Mr. Darcy’s greatest lines while you’re diving into your Regency romances. $18

Whatever romance you’re reading, finding the perfect candle accompaniment will always enhance the experience.