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Book Fetish: Vol. 507

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In Love Like the French, author Guy Blaise reveals a Frenchman's perspective and experience about American relationships, sex, and dating. Through profound revelations in cultural differences, Guy Blaise turns taboo into tantalizing as he delves deeper into relationships, unafraid to ask pivotal and important questions. Merging the essence of romance and reality, Love Like the French speaks to a woman’s desire, leaving you wanting more. If you feel like you’re settling, this sexy guide answers questions from women like you with candid advice, offering everything you need to know for more passionate flings, sexual satisfaction, and fulfilling, balanced partnerships!

Welcome to Book Fetish: Volume 507, your round up of bookish clothing, art, accessories, reading tools, and more from around the web!

Groovy The Outsiders T-Shirt ($32): Buy this shirt! Do it for Johnny!

a black shirt in rainbow groovy test that reads : Dream Like Pony, Love Like Soda, Work like Darry, Laugh like Two-Bit, Fight like Steve, Be Tough by Dally, Do it for Johnny.

Smut Reader Frosted Glass ($28): It’s in the cards.

a blurry woman holding a pink frosted glass with a straw and a lid in focus. The glass has an image in the style of a tarot card with an open book called The Reader, and the book has a banner that reads "smut" across it.

Book Trope Stickers ($4): Gotta collect them all!

A collection of illustrated stickers featuring stacks of books labelled as various book and romance tropes

Book Club Babe Pins ($3): Round up your book club babes!

A stack of small colorful round pins that read "book club babe" in cursive script