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Autumnal Goods to Make Your Reading Maximally Cozy

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Isabelle Popp

Senior Contributor

Isabelle Popp has written all sorts of things, ranging from astrophysics research articles and math tests to crossword puzzles and poetry. These days she's writing romance. When she's not reading or writing, she's probably knitting or scouring used book stores for vintage gothic romance paperbacks. Originally from New York, she's as surprised as anyone that she lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Reading is a year-round activity for many of us. Still, it’s fun to curate the vibes, both with book selections and accessories. If I’ve read the calendar correctly, it’s about time to put down the dishy paperbacks and pick up the leather tomes. When you’re ready to pack away your beach towels and pool floaties, it’s time to bring out the accoutrements of fall. And if you’re in need of such treats, I’m here to help. The best thing about reading as the days shorten is how cozy you can make the experience with everything from a crewneck to a candle to a mug to a bookmark. It’s a season for layering, after all.

There is, of course, plenty of bookish swag geared toward Halloween and lovers of the Gothic. While that stuff is perhaps my very favorite, you may also be looking for items that are generally autumnal. Your decorative gourd season decor, if you will. So, I’ve chosen some items that quote great writers rhapsodizing about the change of season. Other goods evoke an autumnal palette with the warm hues of falling leaves and freshly picked pumpkins. And sure, a few have ghosts as well. Because I may be a basic fall-loving girlie who loves a wool hat and pumpkin spice latte, but I also love a whimsigoth moment.

Autumnal Stickers

leaf-shaped sticker with emily bronte quote "every leaf speaks bliss to me fluttering from the autumn tree"

This leaf sticker with a quote from Emily Brontë would look perfect on your laptop, your water bottle, your book cart, you name it. $4

sticker of person reading book that says books fall open and i fall in

Doesn’t this dreamy sticker make you want to walk on crunchy leaves? $3

sticker of a book reading ghost in front of an autumnal rainbow

This holographic ghost autumnal rainbow sticker is what I like to think the inside of my mind looks like. $4

sticker of a wagon full of books and pumpkins saying books are magic

Who’s ready for a trip to a pumpkin patch? This adorable sticker evokes that feeling. $5

sticker of a ghost saying my autumn is all booked

If this ghost sticker is basic, I don’t want to be un-basic. $2

Autumnal Apparel

crewneck sweatshirt with bookish embroidered in a gothic font

The gothic font of this bookish crewneck makes it perfectly autumnal, if you ask me. And dare I say the embroidery is downright classy? $40

t-shirt with quote from the great gatsby "life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall"

Even if you were mad at having to read The Great Gatsby in high school, you can’t argue with the sentiment of this quote on this charming shirt. $22

t shirt that says i like my books how i like my coffee, spiced

If you like people to know you read spicy books, this cheeky T-shirt is sure to induce some laughs. $34

Autumnal Miscellanea

totebag with the circular door of a hobbit house with a pumpkin and lantern

Tell me you don’t want to trick or treat at the Hobbit door on this tote bag! And I would never recommend you a tote bag that doesn’t have a bottom panel to make it truly spacious. $25

embroidery of a girl reading a book by a fire

If you’re looking for a fall craft to try out while listening to audiobooks, you could be really meta and try this embroidery kit. $35

magnetic bookmark with illustrated mushrooms and leaves

Magnetic bookmarks are very handy. And if you’re not a pumpkin person in the fall, maybe you’re a mushroom person? $5

perfume called dark academia

If you want to smell like an old ivy-covered library full of leather-bound books, this perfume oil might do the trick. The scent notes really sound amazing. $16

bookmark with autumnal patchwork squares

This patchwork bookmark is SO CUTE. I will never again draw a ghost with a zigzag bottom; loop-de-loops forever. $4

enamel pin of a book with an oak leaf on it

The little heart details of this delicate enamel pin make it extra precious. $10

candle labeled with book shop in autumn

I adore fall-scented candle season. How many books could you read in the 50-hour lifetime of this candle? $22

mug what says i'm so glad i livein a world where there are octobers

No autumnal bookish goods list would be complete without the immortal October quote by L.M. Montgomery. I love the little candy corn ghosts on this sweet mug. $19

Cute stuff, right? If you want to take things a little more Halloween, check out gothic goods and bookish Halloween decorations. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!