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Ghoulish Goods for Gothic Literature Lovers

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Isabelle Popp

Senior Contributor

Isabelle Popp has written all sorts of things, ranging from astrophysics research articles and math tests to crossword puzzles and poetry. These days she's writing romance. When she's not reading or writing, she's probably knitting or scouring used book stores for vintage gothic romance paperbacks. Originally from New York, she's as surprised as anyone that she lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Gothic is a word that embodies so many different things. It can call up ornately designed cathedrals, haunted houses, heavy black eyeliner, and dance moves like picking cobwebs out of the air, to name a few. There is something that unites these ideas. There’s a fascination with mortality and the macabre side of things. These ideas come out in gothic literature as well, stories that focus on fear, monsters, and things that haunt us. The aesthetics of the genre make it easy for gothic literature lovers to broadcast their tastes through avenues like clothing and home goods. Trends come and go, but black never goes out of style. And the real ones will only stop wearing it once they create a darker color.

I’ve pulled together this creepy collection of gothic goodies. Most of them are inspired by the classics of gothic literature like Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. Other items are the perfect bookish accouterments to your perfect gothic reading day. You know the day. It’s very glum, and a cozy sweatshirt, a glowing candle, and a hot cup of coffee are necessary to arm you against the chill of your manor (you do live in a manor, right?) and the creeping dread.

open page of a book with a coffin-shaped bookmark made of black lace

How better to show the cobwebs in your soul than through a lace bookmark shaped like a coffin? $8

floral sticker with a quote from Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights reading "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

If I saw someone with a water bottle or a laptop adorned with a floral sticker advertising their affection for Wuthering Heights (book or Kate Bush song, honestly), I’d want to be friends. $4

a cross stitch sample with titles of Bronte sisters' novels with stitched characters and flowers

Cross-stitch samplers are an aspirational project for the crafty among us; what better subject than the most goth of literary sisters? $38

A brick with a brass plaque on it declaring the brick to be from the place Poe wrote The Cask of Amontillado, and a business card with dust from the brick affixed to it.

Get a real piece of literary history with some brick dust from the building where Poe wrote his oft-memed story “The Cask of Amontillado.” Also a great gift for the book lover who has everything! $25

a bag of dark roast black vanilla coffee labeled gothic mystery aboved an image of a spooky mansion

Vanilla and coffee go together like crumbling ruins and wandering specters. $10

A print with the diagrammed sentence from Toni Morrison's Beloved reading "Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined."

Beloved is one of the very best works of Southern Gothic. Advertise your love of Toni Morrison with this diagrammed sentence print. $15

a person wearing a black t-shirt on which there is a woman running from a castle at night and the text "A Gothic Romance Novel" at the top

For fans of the “women running from houses” aesthetic, this cheeky T-shirt celebrates the gothic paperback era. $22

a hardcover journal with "Handbook for the Recently Immortal" on the cover, along with an image of two people looking at a far-off castle.

This hardcover journal is for fans of Dracula and Beetlejuice both. $20

An image of a woman in a nightgown holding a lantern up to a painted portrait

For my fellow lovers of Mexican Gothic, this moody print depicting Noemi would be at home in any library’s gallery wall. $15

a candle with a label saying "Gothic Manor Reads" and the scents "tea, clove, romance novels"

Speaking of your library, if you want it to smell like hot tea, clove, and romance novels, this alluring candle will do the job. $22

a grey t-shirt with purple all-caps text reading "Thornfield" in a font that looks like the shirt for a college

I’m a fan of athletic-style clothing that’s decidedly literary. This Jane Eyre–inspired shirt is a wink to those who are in the know. $28

natural wood colored pencils, each printed with a quote from Jane Eyre like "Reader, I Married Him."

Which Jane Eyre quote in this pencil set is your favorite? I’m a sucker for “I am no bird and no net ensnares me.” $14

note cards with black-and-white illustrations depicting various gothic novels like Jane Eyre and Frankenstein.

Keep up your correspondence — with humans or ghosts, I don’t judge — with these illustrated notecards. $12

A black t-shirt with Poe and a raven under an umbrella and the text "when it rains, it poes"

If you’re a gothic literature fan who has a weakness for puns, this Poe shirt is for you. $28

An array of black-and-white stickers with images and quotes from gothic literature.

This gothic sticker set has great range. $4

three bookmarks with the titles Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wuthering Heights with a single graphic. The reverse lists one star reviews like "totally implausible."

If thinking of Frankenstein as “90% mountains” gives you a chuckle, you’ll love these one-star review bookmarks. $5

A person wearing a sweatshirt with cross-stitch-looking text reading "Always Willing to Talk About Ann Radcliffe" and a floral border

The aesthetic of this whimsigoth sweatshirt is perfect. In case you’re looking to get into her, Ann Radcliffe wrote many of the oldest and most popular gothic novels in her day, like The Mysteries of Udolpho. $49

Check out even more bookish goods for goths, and keep picking those cobwebs!