Rachel Wagner

Rachel Wagner is a writer from New Jersey, currently living in Newark with her son. Her blog and more of her published writing can be found at rachel-wagner.com

Trump’s Name in Pre-2016 Books

Coming across 45's name in pre-2016 books is increasingly unpleasant.

On Being Forced to Read

Did you do your assigned reading in school? Did it turn you off reading for fun?

Raising a Reader

A Rioter on raising a reader and the importance of books in her relationship with her growing child.

Broke and Moving with Books

A reader on the difficulty of moving with books when you're absolutely broke and your only option is to work with what you have.

The Rabbit Hole, Or, How I’m Finding New Books

Despite a pause on browsing for new books, one reader is still adding books to their TBR.

How to Read Problematic Baby Books

On that moment when the book you're reading to your kid has racist or sexist parts: do you keep going, or stop?

Ode to Library Holds

A reader muses on library holds and interlibrary loans, which make books more accessible and their patrons' reading lives more convenient.

Exploring the Art of the Short Story Through Murakami’s THE STRANGE LIBRARY

A Rioter unpacks the experience of reading short stories--the joy and finality that comes with it--through Haruki Murakami's THE STRANGE LIBRARY.

A Case for Lower Case L Literature

Why genre books deserve more critical and academic attention.

Unreading a Poem

How poems can make us confront the ugliness of life, even when we don't want to.