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Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson is an avid reader who has been getting caught reading obsessively (and often at inappropriate times) since first grade. Having somehow graduated from first grade in the end, she moved from her small Connecticut town to the metropolitan DC area where she now teaches, and has put her troublemaking ways to (mostly) good use as a book reviewer. She holds two masters' degrees in history, but manages to drag her nose out of her massive tomes of bygone days fairly often to also devour as many novels as possible- most frequently sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, psychological thrillers, and literary fiction. When not reading, writing, teaching or wrangling her two dogs, Holly and Sapphire, she can be found binge watching whatever show she's obsessed with at the moment, continuing her quest to create the perfect tomato sauce, or occasionally hanging out with her dashing husband. Blog: Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books Twitter: @giddythings

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Exactly As Advertised: Books That Wonderfully Meet Expectations

Books that are just as good as people say they are.

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