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Beyond the TBR: 3 New Acronyms for Your Reading Life



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The end of the year is upon us, and for some of us that means it’s time to analyze our reading data for the year. (Tell me I’m not alone on this island with only my book spreadsheet as a companion. WILSON?!??!!!)

Now, I know we’ve all heard of DNF & TBR. We all have stacks of each that may even be large enough to induce guilt. But beyond Did Not Finish and To Be Read lie other categories into which we place books. Here are my three new favorites:

CRFE: Can’t Read Fast Enough

You know how it goes. You’re reading a book that’s so spine-tingling or heart-melting or rollicking (okay, I kind of hate that word in book blurbs, but it makes a certain point all the same) that you cannot stuff its contents into your brain fast enough. If you’re like me, you might even find the true last page of the book, before the acknowledgements, reader’s guide, or preview of the author’s next book begins, and clutch the stack between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand just to make sure it’s not actually growing, therefore pushing you further and further from the ending you’re DYING TO KNOW OMG READ FASTER.

ESN: Evangelize [on] Social Networks

I’ve been guilty of this more than I’m proud of in 2013 because there have been an unbelievable number of good books this year. Here, let me mine my Facebook statuses for proof of how annoying I’ve been:

On Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: “If I haven’t already evangelized about this book to you, I am now. The ebook is cheap right now and it is SO GOOD.”

On Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein: “This book didn’t make me ugly cry quite like Code Name Verity, but it was gorgeous and difficult to read.”

I assure you, I could go on. And on. But finding two examples without even trying probably means I’ve made my point.

LTMF: Live-Text My Friends

Sometimes a book is so good you just have to text passages of it to everyone you know who might have the slightest interest in hearing about it, page by page. Then, when you finish the book, you must text them to try to convey how large the hole in your life is now that you’ve turned the last page. Like with The Ocean at the End of the Lane or A Tale for the Time Being. Oh, gods, that book. If I had your number, I’d probably text you right now to tell you that I was thinking about it. This is probably also annoying, but who cares because BOOKS!

How ‘bout you, dear readers? Got your own set of book-list acronyms?


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