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Pre-Order-Palooza: 2022 Black SFF To Preorder Now

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Since February is Black History Month, I like to celebrate it by showing as many awesome Black SFF authors as possible some pre-order love. So if you’d like to join me, here’s a non-exhaustive list of what’s coming up in 2022! (Please note that release dates seem to be… flexible these days.)

Cover of The Memory Librarian by Janelle Monáe

The Memory Librarian (And Other Stories of Dirty Computer) by Janelle Monáe (April 19)

This is a collection of stories by Janelle Monáe and a collection of collaborators expanding upon her landmark album Dirty Computer, telling the stories of a world where thought and memory can be controlled or erased by a few elites who believe they have the right to control the fate of everyone.

The Merciless Ones by Namina Forna (May 31)

Sequel to The Gilded Ones. Six months after freeing the goddesses and discovering the truth of her identity, Deka faces a kingdom at war with itself and a people who call her and those like her monster. And the battle has only begun…

Cover of Survive the Dome by Kosoko Jackson

Survive the Dome by Kosoko Jackson (March 29)

An aspiring journalist named Jamal Lawson heads to Baltimore to document a protest against police brutality after the murder of a Black man. But Baltimore implements a new safety protocol: a dome that surrounds the city and enforces a militarized shutdown. No one can leave. Jamal must find what allies he can in the increasingly violent and oppressive lockdown if he wants to free the city… and survive.

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn (November 8)

Sequel to Legendborn. Bree has become much more than she never expected: medium, bloodcrafter, scion. She’s infiltrated the Legendborn Order and discovered her own power. But now she must use this power to take her place in the ancient war between the demons and the Order.

Cover of Sweep of Stars by Maurice Broaddus

Sweep of Stars by Maurice Broaddus (March 29)

It’s taken generations for the Muungano Empire, a coalition of city-states that stretches from original Earth to Titan, to free itself from the endless wars and oppression of Earth and build into a true utopia. But the powers remaining behind on Earth aren’t interested in letting them thrive and will stop at nothing to destroy everything they’ve built.

Moon Witch, Spider King by Marlon James (February 15)

The sequel to Black Leopard, Red Wolf. After her clashes with Tracker in the previous book, the 177-year-old Moon Witch Sogolon has her own tale to tell.

Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse (April 19)

Sequel to Black Sun. After the Crow God’s eclipse, the great city of Tova has been shattered, and a comet that heralds death is about to make its appearance in the skies. Ordinary people and living avatars struggle for survival and self as enemies no longer held by empire prepare for war.

Cover of The Ballad of Perilous Graves by Alex Jennings

The Ballad of Perilous Graves by Alex Jennings (June 21)

Perilous “Perry” Graves is a failed magician who makes his home in the gorgeous, wonder-filled city of Nola, where music is magic and haints dance in the night. But nine songs of power have escaped the city’s heart, and if they aren’t recovered, Nola will fall. It’s up to Perry and his sister to find the songs and save Nola.