9 Bookish Cats of Instagram

Do you follow any pets on Instagram? Get a little bit of adorable fuzziness into your daily updates by following any or all of these bookish cats:

Check out house_of_potter_cats for pictures and updates from not one, not two, but six cats! They’re called Luna, Nox, Madeye Moody, Pomona Sprout, Gryffindor, and Azkaban.

Katniss stalks and observes her owner from above, true to her namesake.

Coraline Jones is a real beauty.

Into the "wild" #cats #kittens #kittylove #pets #petlove #himalayancat #catstagram #petstagram #catsofinstagram #insta_catshots #ftwotw

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This Instagram feed features a few bookish cats, such as Alice and Tinkerbell (pictured). There’s even a Marie (from Aristocats), and a bunny called Dodo.

Hi my name is Tinkerbell ❤️ #tinkerbellthecatinwonderland

A photo posted by Miss Alice W. & Mr. WooBin K. (@thecatinwonderland) on

Continuing with Neverland, here’s a Peter Pan cat.

Seuss the cat seems to be living the (college) greek life, as the description reads “Seuss the cat in the frat.”

Confused bc no mouse

A photo posted by Seuss (@lambdacatalpha) on

Here’s a super handsome Howl, whose companion in this feed is named after the adorable Ponyo.

Hopefully these silly kitties don’t experience any of the troubles their namesakes Romeo and Juliet did. These two are joined by another pair called Marco and Polo.

Last, but not least, here’s a cat I intend to go visit sometime, now that I know he lives so near me – Catsby, at Second Edition bookshop in Davie, Florida.

Our CEOkitty, at your service.

A photo posted by The Great Catsby (@catsby_the_bookshop_cat) on

Feel free to add links to more bookish cats in the comments below.

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