6 Hilarious Bookish Parody Videos

Hating the drudgery of waiting for the holidays? Getting grumpily irritated at Christmas carols and good cheer? Take a little break and revel in the snark and distracting humor of bookish parodies:

The Hobbit as a frat party?

“I can make out with a director, too! Come on, Bill, front and center! SUCK MY FACE!” Breaking Dawn Cheating Outtakes


“Suddenly he took out his…ball-peen hammer…” Ellen Degeneres reads 50 Shades

“I always knew I was gonna kill a bunch of teenagers, but I wanted it to me on my terms!” The Hunger Pains official trailer:

“Hunting in the meadow/ Gale’s just this guy I know/ He’s got a girl’s name.” Lana Del Rey’s Hunger Games

“No corsets, no hat pins, and NO CRYING.” — Jane Austen’s Fight Club


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