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The Most Read Books on Goodreads This Week

Jeff O'Neal

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The Most Read Books on Goodreads This Week

We’re back again with the most read books on Goodreads this week! It’s always interesting to see how this interacts with the bestseller list — there’s a lot of overlap, but also some differences. This list is also a little more current, since the bestseller lists are usually about two weeks behind. Of course, Goodreads doesn’t offer a complete picture of what everyone in the world is reading — we haven’t reached quite that state of surveillance dystopia — but it’s the closest thing we’ve got. I’ve also included a couple of books from the StoryGraph most popular page at the end, since there are some differences between these platforms.

How To Prepare for Pride Month in Libraries 2024

We’re less than one month out from Pride month, and with it, the programs, book displays, and conversations to be had about LGBTQ+ identity and history across the USA and beyond. For libraries, Pride has traditionally been a month for joyful displays of queer books, with periodic and predictable complaints. But several years into surging book bans, escalating violence, and rising fascism now, it is important to prepare for the upcoming month of events to anticipate all that has, does, and might arise.

Celebrating Life Through Delicious Food

Bite by Bite continues this tradition, but this time, Nezhukumatathil is writing about her favorite foods. In one essay, she describes some of her favorite memories shared with friends and family eating shave ice. In another, she shares her experience feasting upon different varieties of watermelon at a watermelon festival. I especially loved how Nezhukumatathil describes her love of fruits of all kinds — jackfruit, Saba banana, pineapple, mango, lychee, miracle fruit — she treasures them all.

New YA Books By Asian American and Pacific Islander Authors

I keep an eye out for Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander authors releasing new titles, and lately, I have seen a lot of especially interesting new and new-to-me releases. In the interest of spreading the love around and getting more adoring fans for these titles, here is a list of some awesome AAPI-authored young adult books publishing in 2024.

What are You Reading This Week — May 9, 2024

This week, I shared some recommendations for task #10: Read a historical fiction book by an Indigenous author. I have a couple more recommendations you all added in the comments section that I’ll share below. I also have a picture of my dog Scrappy, for the pitbull fans here.