#weekly librarian feature

How To Run A Book Award In Your School Library

If you want to start holding an annual book award as a school librarian, here are some tips from a pro!

Ancestry, Athenaeums, and Americana: 6 of the Oldest Libraries in Providence, RI

Feast your eyes on these photos of the oldest libraries in Providence, Rhode Island.

How To Actually “Do Your Own Research”

A librarian advises on what "doing your own research" really means, and how to find reliable information on complex subjects.

The Things I Learned During My First 9 Weeks as a School Librarian

After my first quarter of working as a school librarian, here are some of the things I've learned about being in this new profession.

How to Support Libraries in Times of Increased Censorship

Libraries are supposed to be a bastion of free speech and discovery, but the book banners are getting more brash. Here's how you can help.

How To Make Inter-Library Loan Really Work for You

Inter-Library Loan is the magical practice of having your home library borrow items from elsewhere. Here's how to optimize it.

You Should Be Taking Advantage of Your Library’s Website

Library websites aren't just for placing holds or paying fines. Here are some things you might not know you can find on your library's site!

Women’s Work, Women’s Words: Feminist Library History

Feminist librarians have fought for recognition through the decades: feminist history and women's library history are intertwined.

I’m Not a Librarian But I Work in a Public Library

People assume everyone who works at a library is a librarian, but most of the staff you’ll interact with at large libraries aren't librarians.

A Brief History of U.S. Presidential Libraries

Brush up on the origins of U.S. presidential libraries as well as how the most recent ones serve the public and help researchers.