#weekly librarian feature

How Can Libraries Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Whether you’ve decided to take up a new hobby, or drop a bad habit, your local library can help you stick to your new year’s resolutions.

Promoting the Benefits of Reading for Pleasure to New Teachers

My role as a librarian is to try to get teachers involved in the library as something they want to do, not something they have to do.

Top Tips For Weeding When You’ve Got 100 Other Things To Do

Weeding your library is necessary, but it's no easy task! Here are some tips from a school librarian on how to get it done.

Let the Games Begin! 4 Simple Ways to Include Board Games and Gaming In Libraries

Here are four simple ways to include board games and gaming in your library, a fun and easy way to draw people together.

Getting Crafty in the Library

As well as being centres for learning and community, libraries can be great locations for arts and crafts sessions. One Rioter shares ways to set up creative meetings in your local library.

Places I Look for Library Lessons

A school librarian (media specialist!) shares some of the sources she looks to for lesson ideas and inspiration.

Up All Night: A Dramatic Child Gets Her First Library Card

Getting your first library card is a very big deal, okay? If you have to stay up all night to practice your signature, so be it.

3 Tools for Teaching Digital Citizenship to Kids

Teaching digital citizenship is one of the most important jobs elementary librarians have. Here are three tools to help you on your journey.

There’s Lots of Cool Stuff at the Library of Congress

Why Animals Belong in the Library

Animals aren't usually allowed in libraries, but one Rioter explores how some have used animals to help both readers and the library itself.