#weekly librarian feature

Reflecting on My First Year as a High School Librarian

A librarian reflects on a year working as a high school librarian, sharing lessons learned and goals for the future.

10 Romances About Magical Librarian Love

Sparks fly in these 10 romances about love between librarians and a magical being.

6 Times Late Lost Library Books Found Their Way Home

Better late than never, right? These lonely library books made it back home eventually—it just took 40+ years.

How Local Libraries Help Welcome Refugees

One Rioter explores how local libraries can support refugees and asylum seekers, and help them navigate and negotiate a new town or city.

Passive Programming in School Libraries

Passive programming in a school library allows students a sense of ownership, a place to explore, experiment, and fail without consequence.

10 Ways to Build a Community of Readers in Your Library

How can library staff members build a community of readers in our libraries? Some steps I've picked up from my time working in libraries.

School Librarians are Disappearing: Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

School libraries with full-time, dedicated librarians are the hub and heart of the school, but school librarian positions are disappearing.

Read Harder: Library Edition

The Read Harder challenge, library style! These books will help you not just Read Harder, but discover more about libraries and librarians.

Traveling Library Lessons: Tips for Teaching on a Cart

There are a myriad of reasons that educators end up teaching on a cart. Whatever the reason, here are some tips for teaching on the go.

When You’re the Librarian Who Reads Romance

I didn’t set out to become my library's Resident Romance Librarian, but here I am, recommending romance one day at a time.