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Race, Disability, Ugliness, and Other Villain Tropes We Can Lose

I have two tried and tested modes of response to the question,”What’s your favourite book?” (Note: This is a question ...

Book Fetish: Volume 354

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

6 Rich Girl, Poor Boy Romances to Read Right Now

Love a class difference romance? Give the trope a twist with these these historical and contemporary rich girl, poor boy romances.

Tropes and Taverns, Oh My!

The the trope of the tavern in fantasy novels (and beyond).

Book Tropes We’d Like to See Die

Trinity syndrome, silly twists, and more bookish tropes we don't want to see any more.

Romance Trope Subversion Requests

Instead of stalking-as-love, how about a heroine who dumps the creep?

Tropes to Read By and Tropes to Drive By in Romance

When I was in college lit classes, the word “trope” meant a figure of speech. As a grad student in ...

Top Five Signs You’re Reading Too Much Young Adult Literature

I read a lot of young adult literature, as previous posts at Book Riot might suggest. But this semester, I’m also ...