QUIZ: What’s Your Tropey Romcom Career?

Susie Dumond

Senior Contributor

Susie (she/her) is a queer writer originally from Little Rock, now living in Washington, DC. She is the author of QUEERLY BELOVED and the forthcoming LOOKING FOR A SIGN from Dial Press/Random House. You can find her on Instagram @susiedoom.

Are you a fan of romantic comedies? Do you love books that you know will contain some sexy smooches and a happy ending? Can you never get enough of your favorite romcom tropes? Then this quiz is for you! Take the quiz below to find out what tropey romcom career is your destiny.

Are you a baker? A wedding planner? A small town business owner? It’s easy to poke fun at romcoms for their cheesy meet cutes, charming settings, and quirky protagonists. I promise I’m doing it with love here. After all, I write romcoms! I’m making as much fun of myself here as anyone else. And isn’t it the familiar tropes and cozy settings that make romcoms such perfect comfort reads? Some may call them predictable, but I think of them more like your favorite drink from the coffee shop around the corner. Even if it’s not exactly the same every time you order it, it always hits the spot.

After you’ve taken the quiz, you can find all possible results listed below. So don’t scroll too far unless you’re ready for spoilers! Alright, let’s get down to quizzing and find out what tropey romcom career is perfect for you.

Tropey Romcom Career Quiz Results

Here are all possible results from the quiz:

Aging Teen Starlet in Need of a Flashy Fake Relationship

You’re a B-list actor trying to make it onto the A-list! Everyone knew you as a sassy teen starlet, but the only thing that can help your audiences see you as a real grown-up artist is a spicy fake romance with another hot celebrity in need of some good PR.

Corporate Lawyer from a Small Town You Swore You’d Never Return To

You sold your soul to become a big hotshot lawyer in New York City. But now your grandma or your dog or your grandma’s dog is sick, and you’ve got to begrudgingly return to the small town where you grew up, where you’re destined to run into your hot high school sweetheart.

Hopelessly Single Host of a Podcast about Love at First Sight

You love love! Even if you can’t find it yourself! That’s why you host a popular podcast where you interview couples about falling in love at first sight. Will you ever fall in love with a beautiful stranger at first glance? Or has your true love been sitting in the booth with you all along?

Nature Photographer Who Prefers to Be Untethered

You’re an outdoorsy nature photographer looking for your next award-winning shot! You insist you prefer being alone in the wilderness, just you and your camera. But then you twist your ankle on a hiking trail and a hot park ranger saves the day — and your heart.

New Manager of Your Family’s Financially Struggling Pumpkin Patch

You’ve recently been put in charge of your family’s quaint little pumpkin patch business! But joke’s on you, because it’s on the verge of bankruptcy. Everyone’s been going to the trendy new pumpkin patch down the road, owned by your suspiciously hot and single nemesis.

Owner of a Small Town Dog Biscuit Bakery

You’re a quirky baker who owns your own small town bakery! But not just any bakery — a bakery that makes dog treats. When a hottie’s new pup gets off the leash and knocks over your display of bone shaped biscuits, you’ll fall in love by the time your baked goods hit the floor.

Proprietor of a Charming Old Bed and Breakfast in Need of a Reno

You’ve recently taken over a quirky, historic bed and breakfast in a quaint small town! But it needs some work done, so obviously you’ll hire a curmudgeonly hot contractor who you’ll slowly win over with your optimism and love of good bones.

Unnecessarily Harsh Restaurant Critic

You’re the new restaurant critic at your local paper! Readers love your cuttingly snarky reviews. But the incredibly hot head chef at the new French bistro is furious you panned their cooking and is determined to win you over with their steamiest dish.

Veterinarian Who Can Hardly Afford to Keep Their Practice Open

You’re a small town veterinarian with a heart of gold! But you’re struggling to keep your veterinary practice in the black after giving your neighbors too many discounts. When a hot billionaire’s dog gets hit by a car, you’ll save the day…and they’ll save your business.

Wedding Planner Who Doesn’t Believe in Marriage

You’re a high society wedding planner with a lengthy waiting list! What your clients don’t know? You hate weddings and think marriage is a scam. You swear you’ll never fall in love — until you meet that super hot wedding cake baker.