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How Flawed is Acceptable?

The question remains valid. Are we allowed to appreciate flawed books? On the surface, the answer is a clear yes. Nothing is without flaws, after all.

Reflecting On Emma Cline’s Legal Win

"Cline's personal win was another win for women: you can confront the monster who has plagued you and you can prevail."

THE DOUBLE HELIX Shows Why #MeToo Was Always Necessary

A reader takes a look at misogyny in THE DOUBLE HELIX, James D. Watson's science memoir, and discusses the author's openly misogynistic portrayal of groundbreaking scientist Rosalind Franklin.

Best Twitter Responses to the Article on Jane Austen’s Marital Status

The only good thing to come out of The Washington Post's article focusing on Jane Austen's singleness (in celebration of her birthday) are these excellent Twitter responses.

Hey Fellas, We’re Not Here For Your Ambiguous Pen Names

There's a new trend in thrillers: male authors using ambiguous pen names so they can be marketed to women.

#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear and #WhatWoCWritersHear

Listen when people tell you about their experiences with racism and sexism in publishing.

Against the “Serious Reader”

I would like to set fire to the term “serious reader” and throw its ashes into the sea. That is ...

SPIDER-MAN #2’s Attack on Female Fans

Here at Panels, we aim to be a celebration of comics, the people who make them, and the people who love ...

5 Books to Celebrate C.S. Lewis’s Birthday

Today is C.S. Lewis’s 117th birthday! To celebrate, here are five books that explore his life and work. 1. C.S. ...

2016: All Women, All the Time (An FAQ)

In a way, 2015 was an excellent year for YA. Because there were awesome books! SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS! Off ...

Dammit Tommy: How The BBC Messed Up The New Agatha Christie Adaptation

The BBC has a new Agatha Christie adaption: Partners in Crime. It’s the first time Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, Christie’s ...

Fandom 101: Interacting with Female Authors

I have long identified as a fangirl. I believe that fandoms can do real good. Fans often are the ones ...

Discourse, Disappointment, and the Death By a Thousand Cuts

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard all about the recent controversy surrounding Andrew Smith, the popular YA author of The Alex ...

Women Aren’t Aliens (and Other Thoughts on the Andrew Smith Controversy)

The bookish internet blew up this week over the issue of sexism, female characters, and YA. And it all started when author ...

Women in Fiction Need More Than The Bechdel Test

Most are familiar with the Bechdel Test, named after Alison Bechdel. A work “passes” the test if it features at ...