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Racing Through the Pages: How Books Taught Readers Anyone Can Run

On the books that have inspired both pro and amateur runners, motivating and encouraging them, no matter where they are in their journey.

Books for Reluctant Runners

Running and me have a strange relationship. We’re on-again off-again, love-hate. We have a history. In school I hated running, ...

7 Books to Read on Global Running Day

If you're thinking about dusting off those running shoes for Global Running Day, we've got some books to help you pound the pavement.

8 Books the 2019 Boston Marathon U.S. Elite Women are Reading

Find out what Des Linden, Lindsay Flanagan, Sarah Crouch, and Becky Wade are reading before the Boston Marathon.

Obnoxious Bangers vs. a Book on Tape: Can I Run to it?

Confession: I hate running. I mean I really hate it. I try to run at least 3 times a week ...

My First Time With Audiobooks: Or, What I Listen To When I’m Running

After shying away from audiobooks from years because I'm easily distracted, I discovered that they provide just the kind of focus I need when training for a half-marathon.

Run, Reader, Run: Bookish Tips for Runners

Want to dedicate more time to your running? Join a bookish reading club, sign up for a nerdy 5k, and more literary stuff for runner types!

Running Down London Laneways with Audiobooks

Ever get lost because you were so absorbed in your audiobook? Yep. This is about that.

100 Must-Read Books About Running

Books for, by, and about runners.

5 Books About Runners and Running

These five books explore the physical, psychological, and cultural experience of running.

5 Books About Running

This is a guest post from Sean-Patrick Burke. Sean-Patrick is a Vermont writer who does not have an MFA in ...

Books for the Reading Runner

Running was always my preferred method of exercise, but it wasn’t until I moved to Washington state that it went ...

Countdown to London: Olympic Fiction

We’re just about 12 weeks away from the start of the London 2012 Olympics and I’ve managed, so far, to ...