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Anna Cramer

Born in Alaska and raised in Missouri, Anna made her way back to The Last Frontier 9 years ago with her amazing husband and cats in tow. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Native American Studies from Missouri State University. Her favorites: family, cats, reading & writing, K-pop, hip hop, photography, wandering around the woods, red wine, and Saturday mornings.

Obnoxious Bangers vs. a Book on Tape: Can I Run to it?

Confession: I hate running. I mean I really hate it. I try to run at least 3 times a week ...

Does Anyone Actually Remember What They’ve Read?!

Does anyone actually remember what they've read?! Retaining what I've read is super difficult for me. In our society of shameless binge-culture excess not only applies to TV, eating and drinking, but to reading as well, certainly for me at least.

What Was the First Book to Change Your Life?

What was the first book that made you go "whoa"? Did it impact or influence the person you've become?

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Did you get into librarianship with pictures of the Beauty and the Beast library dancing in your head? Time for a reality check.

I Rearranged My Books By Color and Died a Little Inside

It looked good on paper, you know the rest. Organizing my books by color was a beautifully bad idea.

Book Assassination in the Name of Art?

DIY Season is upon us. Have you slain a book in the name of art?

What If I Hate a Best-seller?

When you just don't get a book that everyone else loves.

Move To Alaska and You’ll Read More

Sunshine is over-rated.