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Variations on Penguin Book Cover Mugs

All the variations you could ever want of those iconic orange and white Penguin book covers on your favorite medium: mugs. Duh!

Why Self-Help Books Feature Authors on the Cover

Taking a look at some successful self-help books of past and present, and exploring the prevalence of author images on the covers of these books.

Check Out These Artsy Colourful Covers

Check out the gorgeous artsy book covers and explore some possible trends through upcoming books.

How To Search Books By Color

Here is how to search books by color in Google. Don't worry, it's easy, quick, and lots and lots of fun.

Books And The Perfect Coffee Mugs To Go With Them

Have you ever been reading a book and thought to yourself, “If only I had the perfect mug to match”? ...

Eva Ibbotson Got A Cover Glow Up

Eva Ibbotson has deserved brilliant covers for a very long time, and now, at last, she's got them.  Literary glow up achieved. 

Authors Don’t Have Much Control Over Covers; Here’s Why

People are often confused and outraged when they learn how little say an author has over their book cover. But this can actually be a good thing.

26 Beautiful Fantasy Book Covers From 2019

This year, we're getting some beautiful fantasy book covers, from dragons to talons to monsters. Here are twenty-six of our favorites.

Black Kids on Book Covers: Middle Grade Edition

Excellent middle grade books that feature black kids on their covers!

The Many Covers of Carl Sagan’s CONTACT

Ellie Arroway believes in science, not deities. She also believes that the universe is teeming with other living beings—otherwise, isn’t ...

60 of the Best, Steamiest Romance Novel Covers for Your Viewing and Reading Pleasure

The most gorgeous, steamiest, and fun romance novel covers out there. This list is for everyone: romance newbies and genre fans alike!

Judge a Book By Its Cover: 10 Gorgeous Cover Redesigns

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of cover design here at Book Riot, from gushing over our favorite covers of ...


Let's celebrate the 206th birthday of one of our favorite classic books with a PRIDE AND PREJUDICE cover roundup! Pick up one of these editions.

10 Bright Books for the Darkest Night of the Year

Today is the winter solstice, which means it’s the darkest day of the year. If you are like me, your ...

The Best Book Covers of 2018

Visual delights, every single one of them. Dig into these stunning best book covers of 2018, as selected by the Book Riot team.