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A Brief History of Archie Comics and New Imprint Archie Blue Ribbon

Dive into the world of Archie and explore the history of these familiar classics as the publisher introduces comics from its newest imprint.

The Creators of LETHAL LIT on Your Next Bookish Podcast Obsession

“Rise Above” Bullying: Talking with Nancy Silberkleit from Archie Comics

Listening to Nancy Silberkleit, from Archie Comics, talk about bullying is like a milkshake from Pop's Diner ... with a "Call It Out" cherry on top.

The Books I’d Gift RIVERDALE Characters

Book recommendations for Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and the rest of the Riverdale crew.

Toni Morrison and RIVERDALE

On the inclusion of the work of Toni Morrison, Betty's literary hero, in Riverdale.

Dear Betty and Veronica: On ARCHIE’s Advice Columns for Kids

A reader discovers the BETTY and VERONICA advice columns, and reflects on the importance of ARCHIE comics for pre-teens.

#AroAceJugheadOrBust: An Ace/Aro Jughead in Riverdale

Jughead is canonically ace and aro. Writers in TV and comics should keep him that way.

The Iconic Ace: Jughead Jones and Asexuality

We reflect on why Jughead's official asexuality is important.

No Context Given: That’s What the “S” Stands For

This week's no context given: Wait, what does the S stand for?

The Iconic Ace: Jughead Jones and Asexuality